25 Favorite Hikes All Over Colorado

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It’s about to be hiking season in Colorado! Well, mostly. We still have a ton of snow at higher elevations, so anything above tree-line right now may be wet and very muddy. I have biffed it on mud patches before – not so much fun.

I know (or hope) many people are planning trips to Colorado this summer, (Assuming the virus that shall not be named is under control) so thought I’d share a list of favorite hikes through-out our fine state – compiled from my friend Debbie who is an avid hiker and a few of the my faves as well! There are so many, but decided to keep it at 25. BTW, these are not prioritized by beauty or personal preference – these are all pretty amazing!

Rather than describe all of them, I would look to the AllTrails app for descriptions, distances, trailhead locations, trail conditions, etc. If you find yourself in Colorado, we hope you give a few of these a go! Feel free to comment with your favorites as well – we THINK we know all of the hotspots, but I am SURE we left a few off the list!

  1. Grey Rock (out of Ft Collins)
  2. Devils Causeway loop (out of Steamboat)
  3. Smith Lake (out of Steamboat)
  4. Fish Creek Falls (out of Steamboat)
  5. Devil’s Head Fire Tower Lookout (out of Sedalia)
  6. Missouri/Fancy Pass Loop (out of Vail)
  7. Booth Creek Falls (out of Vail)
  8. Gore Creek Trail (out of Vail)
  9. Pawnee Pass (out of Brainard area)
  10. Copper to Frisco on the Gore Range/N Tenmile Creek Trails (out of Frisco)
  11. Mount Sneffles (14 er out of Ouray)
  12. Ice & Island Lakes (out of Ouray)
  13. Blue Lake & beyond (out of Ouray)
  14. Aspen 4 Pass Loop or any segment of the loop (out of Aspen)
  15. Mount Sanitas (out of Boulder)
  16. Handies Peak (14 er out of Lake City)
  17. Black Lake (out of Estes)
  18. Twin Sisters (out of Estes)
  19. Rustlers Gulch (out of Crested Butte)
  20. Scarp Ridge (out of Crested Butte)
  21. Herman Gulch (out of Silver Plume)
  22. Lost Creek Loop (out of Denver)
  23. Chicago Basin (out of Silverton)
  24. Mount of the Holy Cross (14er out of Minturn)
  25. Mohawk Lakes (out of Breckenridge)

In case the rest of our travels are cancelled, I plan on hitting as many of these as I can this summer!

Happy hiking!

…i choose this….