First ‘Vid Road Trip of 2020 – Salida, Colorado

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Alright, so I forewent a hair appointment (after 12 weeks) to go on our first road trip during this ‘Vid stuff. Many of you won’t like or appreciate the idea, but wanted to share with you, that it was a great, safe experience. There was no ick, no overcrowded spaces, people were being responsible and we had a blast – the experience wasn’t tainted, nor was it reckless.

A couple of months ago, I booked several weekend trips, hoping by doing so, it would will this quarantine stuff away. One such trip was booked for Memorial Day weekend. I figured it would be a stretch and it was, until it wasn’t.

One of our favorite places to visit is Salida, CO. It’s a simple, cute little artsy town on banks of the Arkansas River known for boating, hiking, fishing and mountain biking. Our favorite little motel, The Amigo Motor Lodge, recently remodeled 4 airstreams, so I booked one – desperately hoping we would be able to escape the confines of our home.

About 2 weeks before the trip, they sent an email saying they would not be able to open and asked, would we like to rebook for another weekend or get our money back? I sat on it for a week, trying to figure out what made sense.

Before I had the chance to respond, they came back to us with the sweetest words ever, “We have been given permission to open Memorial weekend, would you still like to come?” It was a no brainer. A few days later, we were packed and ready to go.

We didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived. They ended up only booking 2 of the 4 airstreams and then every other motel room. All of the common areas were closed, including the lobby. The airstreams themselves are not equipped with bathrooms, but given only 2 were rented, we had a bathroom all to ourselves. It was really nice not to have a neighbor, we actually felt as though we were out on our own – even with the road noise of the busy street.

Our cute little oasis at night

The town of Salida is really small – population is roughly 6,000. It certainly didn’t feel overcrowded when we were walking around – many people still gun-shy about venturing greater then 10 miles past their home. Plus, because there were tight restrictions on the number of rooms hotels could sell, the number of tourists was greatly reduced.

Quintessential snap in Salida

In order for any establishment to be allowed open in town, they had to pass a safety test with the city authorities. If they passed, a certificate was posted on their door.

All of the shops required masks and the use of hand-sanitizer prior to entering. Good thing stores were open, I was able to get my shop on. What an awesome feeling of SHOPPING in a store again – one of my favorite activities on the planet.

We only chose restaurants with outdoor seating and didn’t entertain anything but a patio as we are still unsure of being confined with other people in a small space. Let me just say, I had the best pizza of my LIFE. Maybe because it was the first one actually served to me on a plate and not a cardboard box. Each table was spaced 6 feet or greater apart, all employees had on masks and gloves. It took forever to be served, but it just didn’t matter to us. We were at a restaurant for the first time in months!

We spent most of our time on the trails, Sean mountain biking and me, trail running. Because we now get up at the CRACK OF DAWN, we were on the trails seemingly before anyone else – hardly anyone was out and about until later in the day.

All in all, we had a great time – it was nice to adventure again and refuel our spirits. Tonight we camp near our home – campgrounds are now open. It may rain/snow/sleet tonight, but I don’t care – nothing will stop us!

Now to get my janky looking hair taken care of – I’m starting to look like a crazy cat lady.

…i choose this….



  1. What a great weekend trip! I’ve given up on my hair, and amazingly it seems to appreciate its new “leave me be, no chemical” environment! It’s never been shinier! Of course I look like a two toned pony, but hey…give and take – lol. The salon is probably no longer in my distant future ;-).

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    1. I love the two-toned pony comment – made me laugh out loud! Thanks for that. I have 3 more weeks to go now. My hair is thick and wavy (in parts) so when it grows out, I have the teepee look. Heavy and flat on top and bushy at the bottom. It’s really nice. LOL.

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  2. Foregoing a haircut in exchange for a weekend in Salida trail running and eating pizza on a patio is a trade I would take any time! We are still shut down tight. Soon!

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  3. I’d pass on the haircut for something more interesting to do. This looks like loads of fun, especially those pizzas. Oh my goodness do they look good… like food porn… or something.

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    1. Haha AB. They were so much better then I thought they would be – not really sure what I was expecting. I ate my entire pizza – it’s part of the side effect of this interruption of life as we know it. I currently have my tight pants on!

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  4. Well done to you guys, it’s nice but strange going out again with barely any crowds. We are just starting to feel it in Australia now too. As of next week we will know how it feels to eat in a restaurant or hotel again. 🙌

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    1. Haha! I have another 3 weeks – I’m ignoring the silvery strands and telling myself, my hair is just more shiny because of the lack of blowdrying/styling every day. (not that I did it that much before all of this)

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  5. You said it: having a pizza served to you is so much better than in a box. It’s the little things that make a difference. We will get more open and free . . . Soon, perhaps. And maybe we will be more appreciative of the little things.

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    1. Ha! Thanks for the support. I now have another 3 weeks before the mop is cut – I will have a gigantic head of hair by then. The airstreams are really cool. They did a nice job with the renovations. Super cute place.

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  6. Sounds like a great low-key, pretty safe way to inch back out into the travel world. The Airstream looks so fun, and the pizza …. well, I adore all pizza, and this looks mouthwatering! Trail time, too – pretty nice weekend combo!

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    1. It was a good time for sure. We slept really well in that camper. Not sure if it was the bed, the coziness of it, or finally being on a little vacation. I smashed my pizza in one sitting. Sean milked his for a few days. I could use another one – yummy.

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  7. All of this sounds really good to me! At the rate Toronto is going, it will be a very long time before we see more restrictions lifted. Apparently Torontonians just don’t know how to behave in a pandemic-responsible way when the weather turns nice 🙁 So in the meantime, I will live vicariously through your wonderful adventures.

    I just noticed your header with the mini-bus logo. Love it!! Is it new or am I just not very observant?

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    1. Man! What’s up Toronto?! The mini-bus is fairly new. I found a little app to build it, and added it to the site in December? January? I don’t even know. lol. Hope you can get out and live life to the fullest again soon. I’m grateful summer is here….I need some sunshine right about now!

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  8. Hi Pam, what a great way to ‘re-enter’ society with a bit of shopping, a pizza (yum!) and that Goldstream looks so very cute. Glad you had fun. For the record, I would have forgone the hair cut too! 😊

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  9. Good for you!!!!! Looks amazing!! I had my hair cut and computed and feel like a new woman…..but had I had the chance I would have cancelled for a getaway also!!! I figure a ponytail and cap is always in style!!!

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  10. Oh man, that pizza looks yummy, Pam! As for haircuts, my last one was in Mid February. I was going to get it cut just about when the shutdown took place. I now look like I did in the 70s. (Grin) Glad you got out. Peggy and I have cancelled all of our international travel for the year but we are prepping our small RV for a trip via the most remote route we can find across the nation and just a wee bit nervous about it. Great post. –Curt

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    1. I’d love to see everybody’s hair about now! Your trip will be so much fun. So jealous! I’d love to be going on a trip across the country right now :-). PS, we bought a home in Bend. Heading up there mid July to close :-). It’ll be a couple of years until we relocate, longest years of my life. Though it’s June already….just yesterday it was Christmas. 😊


          1. We hope so, Pam. And how can it not be, assuming we avoid Covid-19. Peggy and I have been back and forth across the country a number of times, and every time has been s wonderful adventure! Thanks. –Curt

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  11. My haircut was due right before the shutdown. I did get in once they eased restrictions and it felt nice to get rid of those roots. lol. Your getaway looks like it would be more fun though! Love that shot of the kayaks. We’ve been eyeing the purchase of some for the lakes around here. We haven’t dined out yet or traveled, but I’m debating some over the summer. I hope all is well!! xx

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      1. We’re in Illinois, so very slow openings and not too many scenic places to visit without staying overnight. LOL. Although I have been discovering natural parks and forests preserves to enjoy before all mosquitoes will come out.

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  12. how cute is that place!!! I need to do a road trip so bad. Well, any sort of trip. We are planning one down south to pick up my brother in Durango after he finishes the Colorado Trail

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  13. What a liberating “1st Thing to Do” after being Shut in! I marvel at the open spaces you have access to and am so glad you share them with us.

    I, too, did not get my hair done (still have not gone). I have instead, chosen to spend my outings at the our art museum (National Gallery) – very empty very restorative.

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      1. Wow! 3 inches would certainly feel different! I am just biding my time. Younger Daughter and I both need to go but we are dragging our feet.

        Thank you for the affirmation, Pam – I love your blog … I feel so inspired and satisfied after a visit.

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