Sunshine’s Macro Monday #42

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I am so pumped about the end of spring and the beginning of summer I can hardly stand it. Our Colorado spring season exhibited the usual schizophrenic tendencies with the tease of warm, beautiful weather, to rainy days and a big snow drop in late April. I believe all of this is past us and now we can re-focus on the bright, sunny, colorful days ahead.

I took a spin around our yard yesterday and noticed the vibrant blooms we long for in the dead of winter, are starting to surface.

“I must have flowers, always and always”

~Claude Monet~

I am not sure I would categorize these as true Macro shots since they were taken with my iPhone – but they are pretty close. Perhaps I’ll get the big lens out for the next round.

Thanks, Irene at Heaven’s Sunshine, for challenging us every week to seek beauty in photography and nature.

Columbine is popping up all over the yard – I love this flower for many reasons, but it is the state flower for Colorado.

I had no clue flowering onions were a thing – I thought Sean was out of his ever-loving mind. He wanted to pull them out of the ground, but I am sooo glad we didn’t. The bees sure do love them – not too many of those around these days.

Tulips are sooo wonderful – always sad to see them go….

These Bluish flowers are new to me this year. Not a clue what these are – they are so tiny (a quarter of the size of a dime) and delicate.

I hope this kick-started a good week for some of you stuck indoors. Hang in there if you are.

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.”

Lady Bird Johnson~

….i choose this…



  1. I love the quotes and the photos; and not only am I stoked for you but stoked that the bees found the flowering onions! So much to enjoy daily and much to look forward to!

    Susan Grace

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    1. Monet is the bomb!! I bet they were – were they wildly growing near your venue? Super cool flowers 🙂 Cheers M.B. – I see you posted another story – can’t wait to read with my weekend coffee 🙂

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      1. We got there a bit early in the year for the wild blooms, but we put some very pretty fake ones on the cake, drew some on our invitations, and also had a general color scheme to match them 🙂


    1. They are coming AB! We have some other cool things popping up – can’t wait to see what they are. This is the first time I have been home enough to enjoy the yard. Hope all is well – I am assuming the wine delivery has helped ;-).

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  2. We’ve got the blue and onion flowers in common (we’ve got mini ones from chives). Very soon the hydrangeas will be in bloom. They’re like the regional emblem of Brittany.
    Love the Monet quote 😉

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    1. All great shots of some beautiful flowers and perfect for this challenge. On about 3 of them, I’d have to look really close, enlarge them, and actually think to figure out whether they were true macro or not. Enjoyed them too much to do all that pondering. 😁

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    2. Oh RIGHT ON! Thanks for doing that! I was a friend’s house last night who also had them. She couldn’t remember the name. You must have some nice flowers around your place! You have a great week as well. 🙂

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  3. The world is reluctantly coming back to life here, although not many blooms yet – besides the tulips, dandelions, and forget-me-nots. This is such a magical time of year, watching buds start to peak out, and a green haze slowly developing around the trees. If it wasn’t for allergies, this season would be perfect 😀

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    1. Tulips are hearty! I do love them. Agreed on watching things bud and bloom – I look forward to the final product. We have Iris’s and Peonies coming up next – thank god for the previous owners of our home – they planted all kinds of cool stuff. Hope all is well Jo!!


  4. You’ve had tons of good flower pics lately! Strangely, even though it’s steamy hot here, I haven’t really focused on flowers yet. Maybe because I haven’t had time nor the inclination to plant any (not too keen on nurseries these days; they are swarming with people!). You’ve given me a good kick in the pants to start looking for color here!

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    1. Yes, I’d say you have been a little busy sister! I can’t remember what we used to grow down there – it’s been so long. We have some other things blooming in the yard that are pretty cool. Can’t wait for you to come over!

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  5. Beautiful and colourful photos, Pam! Our garden is starting to blossom slowely and so is the surrounding landscape. Can’t wait to see feelds bursting with wildflowers. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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  6. Your flower photos are gorgeous. I especially like those unidentified blue flowers (I’m terrible with flower names). I’m not spending money these days on restaurants, filling up my car, clothing but I’m sure making a dent at our local plant nursery.

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  7. Youre iPhone does wonders with its camera! and you always have a special eye for flowers anyway. Particularly enjoy the tulips…

    (can’t comment on your next post about the 25 hikes to take in Colorado… I was about to ask you to remind me if Herman Gulch was the one we took together when we first met in 2013? I have fond memories and pictures of that day…)

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    1. Ah thanks lady. I do love me some flowers. Yes! The hike we did was Herman Gulch. I need to get up there again soon. I-70 is not so much fun these days so I try to avoid it :-(. xoxo


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