Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 10

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I promised these images would be posted this week – better late then never I say!!

So, years ago, on one rare, rainy day in Colorado, I spent the afternoon shooting tiny drops of water landing in a bowl. I can’t remember everything I did to make this work, but I was at it for HOURS. Something like water drops the size of a pin head dripping out of a paper cone. I’ll have to google it. I really should have photographed the setup as by the looks of it, you would never have guessed the images below could be possible.

Probably one of the most fun photography days I have ever had!

Thanks Irene over at Heaven’s Sunshine for the challenge!


    1. Ha! Thank you for saying that!! Photography is most definitely a labor of love. Especially when trying something new. I didn’t quite master it, but I do think they turned out kinda cool 🙂

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