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Digging through archives of old photos, I came across some of my favorites from Cuba. Some of these need some touch up, but I mostly like them!

I loved, LOVED all of the old cars in the country and all other modes of transportation for that matter. Some day I hope to make my way back there.

Hope these images bring you back to a memorable trip or provide you with an insight into the country of Cuba!

Cheers! Pam


    1. I think I actually got to spend time with your bad self right before you left! I was amazed that all you packed for a week was one small backpack. My hero – always!!


  1. I was sure I took photos of the exact same cars and men, but of course I really didn’t (I looked – haha). Did you actually take a ride in one? We called a random cab (versus the ones lined up for tourists) a few times, and we thought that the cars would break down at any moment. They know their cars, though – very impressive that they are still making these babies go!

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    1. We did! On the last night in Havana we all got to ride in convertibles through the city. It was so much fun! I’ll have to see if I can dig up a photo and add it to the gallery! I can bet your photos are way better then mine!

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    1. Thanks! Good question! I think about the same time. 6 years ago this past February? I agree about the people, they are fantastic. Did you post about your trip? I’d love to see if so.


  2. I went to Cuba in 2016 and was fascinated by those cars. Every time one would pass by or I see one coming I would take a pic…great post!

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    1. Thanks – Same here! I was so impressed with the love and care they put into those cars. Cuba is a paradise for photographers. I wonder if they get sick of it?!!

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  3. Cuba is yet another one of the many, many places on my wish list but it is the age old problem of so many places and so little time.

    I love this post, especially the old cars. I am not particularly a petrolhead (I do not even drive) but these are beautiful.

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    1. I completely agree….so many places to see. I rarely go back to the same place because of that. Though we are headed to revisit London soon. Sometimes a good old fashioned European trip is fun 😊Thanks for taking the time to read through a few posts! I appreciate you!!


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