Lens Artists Photo Challenge #64: Countryside and/or Small Towns

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This weeks Lens Artist Photo Challenge is Countryside and/or Small Towns. Originally, I had planned on taking a drive in the area around my house to explore the country roads, but then realized there are a whole slew of countrysides and small towns from trips past to share.

Each of them represent an amazing experience and are trips that will remain in my mind forever!

Thanks to Amy at The World is a Book for this weeks Challenge! You can see others interpretations here as well.


Several years back, I did a 2 week road trip through Portugal – the day I drove through this valley was one of the best days of the trip – I had the whole place to myself, had my windows rolled down and listened to Michael Jackson the whole way through! This is the Douro river in the port wine region. It cuts across northern Portugal for about 200 miles from Spain to Porto and eventually flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

For those who have trekked to the Everest Base Camp, you will recognize this – it’s an overview of Namche Bazaar! There HAS to be a Far Side cartoon with these horses – I wonder what they are thinking about now. We spent a couple of nights here to acclimatize for our trek – loved this little town and the Sherpa who live here!

This image is of a sheep herder in the Dolomites – I loved watching him keep all of these guys and gals in line. We were convinced there were Ibex in the herd, but no such luck. I took a little video and watch it when I want to add a little bit of magic to my day. It looks like the herder is walking to the end of the earth!

This is Japan…I am about to post about a trek I did there a couple of summers ago. THIS image is from my first day experiencing the Japanese countryside. I had no idea this existed in Japan – not sure why – I think maybe because my only frame of reference was Tokyo!

I recently posted about a pencil and crayon incident in Laos. To counter balance that post, thought I would share one of the best days of that trip – cycling through the countryside – so much fun. I couldn’t tell you which town this was, but I can definitively say, Laos is my favorite SE Asian country!


  1. I so enjoy your traveling series of countryside and small towns, Pam! Thank you for taking us from country to country. All are so beautifully captured. The image of the herder is awesome!

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    1. Thanks girl! It was a fun one for me – yes, the sheep herder is AWESOME. I should post the video too for everyone to enjoy. Have a wonderful day!!


    1. Thank you sooo much! I need to replenish the photo inventory – I have looked at these sooo many times over the years. The horses are super cool…I wish I were creative enough to come up with some witty cartoon about them!

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    1. Thank you for checking out the blog! I so appreciate this! And yes, the ride was pretty cool…no cars on the road for a change, didn’t have to worry about testers either :-).

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  2. Oh, sweet wonderful little town of Namche! I adore that place. All of the others are new to me and are so enchanting I want to book trips to all of them right this minute. (I think Japan might be next …)

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    1. Thank you sooo so much for taking a peek. I just bought a new DSLR to play around with. You can tell the difference for sure. The horses, DSLR, the sheep – good ole iPhone. Still love the sheep, but won’t be able to blow it up. Boo.

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      1. I still mostly use my iPhone too, primarily for it’s convenient tiny size but also because I haven’t found an affordable lens that I love for our DSLR for landscapes and architecture (though we have a 50mm lens that fantastic for portrait photography, something I rarely do!)

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        1. ohhhh my 50 mm is one of my favorites – just haven’t pulled it out in ages. through work I will get the new iPhone in November. can’t wait to see what that does – I will not however, be filming my double chin!

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