Digging Deep at Christmas

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Like many things in 2020, Christmas was weird. Neither Sean or I have family in town, so we typically hang at a friend’s house – enjoying delicious food, company, conversation and wine. Given the requirements to limit multi-home interactions during the holidays, we were on our own this year. We had to dig deep to stay entertained! We are completely burned out on Jigsaw puzzles….the news is depressing….and we are running out of shows to watch.

I would say at least 70% of our neighbors stepped up and decorated with holiday lights – it’s been so amazing. Sean came up with the idea to put Christmas lights on my bike and ride around the neighborhood to enjoy all of this cheer. It was a brilliant idea.

The lights were charged by an external battery pack we strapped to the back of the seat. We also had Christmas music – Sean found a mix on Spotify and let it rip on our Bose speaker attached to his handlebars. The music was our version of caroling – LOL.

We jumped on our bikes (with Yogi in tow) and cruised the brightly lit streets on Christmas Eve and Day to keep the holiday spirit alive as long as possible. The streets were quiet with the exception of the Peanut’s Christmas tunes on our speaker. Honestly, it was one of the most fun things we did all year!

“Those who do not believe in Magic will never find it”. ~ Roald Dahl

Here are a handful of our favorites – Enjoy!

I hope you all had a great holiday season and have a Happy New Year! 2020 is almost behind us – I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

….i choose this…



  1. I decided yesterday (after seeing someone coming off the trail with one) that I was going to evaluate a fat-tire bike before I buy a new one (whenever that is (not soon)). How do you like it? The terrain here is incessant rock gardens. Eli is going full-suspension whenever his name makes it to the top of the national waiting list (June right now). I think fat tire might meet my needs with fewer moving parts.

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    1. I actually really like it – it’s a low end model so it’s a hard tail and very heavy. But it’s fun for me on snow packed trails, because I feel stable on it. I will also ride on dry trails occasionally- not too often because of the weight. Definitely worth a look. June? It’s going to be a long 6 months for Eli!

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  2. Only you and Sean could come up with such an awesome idea for this atypical COVID-layered Christmas ! I’m happy you found an out-of-the-ordinary activity that implied some sports, giggling, Christmas lights and enjoying the moment with you favorites man and pet ! I’m happy to see you happy !

    2020 was definetely not what we could have expectd but it sure made us rack our brains for other means of entertainment, taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, compensate social distancing via other sources of shared activities. I’ll be thankful for that !
    May your 2021 be as fantastic as you’ll make it ! I’m already pretty sure you’ll make it glow and glitter in the best possible manners !

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    1. Juls, why are you so awesome?!! I just love you sooo much. I always appreciate how much love and support you throw my way friend. Warms my heart. May your 2021 be full of jumps out of airplanes, hikes in amazing places, quality time with your family, friends, and other loves, and a plan for the PCT!!!!

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  3. Wow, your neighbourhood looks amazing decorated with all those Christmas lights! And what a great idea to put the lights on your bike, I am definitely doing it next year. Despite the pandemic crisis, I hope you had a great festive season, too, Pam. Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness in the New Year ahead. Aiva 🙂

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    1. Aiva!! YES – do it. I promise, it will be worth it. So much fun. We did have a good holiday – though there were moments when it felt like any other day, but with a Christmas tree in our living room. This totally helped us get into the spirit of things. Happy new year to you all as well. Here’s to getting back to exploring – I know you all have been in lockdown for soooo long. Cheers! 🙂

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  4. That bike and all those lights, wonderful and so cheerful. I do love the Northern Hemisphere’s take on the Festive Season. Again all the best for the New Year and look forward to reading more from you, Pam.

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    1. Thank AC!!! It was a lot of fun. I looked over at Sean earlier that day and said, “It doesn’t feel like Christmas this year. BOO.” SO, within about 15 minutes, he came up with this idea and it turned the whole situation around. Yogi had a good time too :-). Hope you had a wonderful holiday with the family. Happy New Year to you all!! Looking forward to more Photo Challenges!!


  5. Pam, what an awesome idea! I may steal it for next year. Your neighbourhood looks lovely and Christmasy! Mike and I are running out of entertainment too. Let me know if you find some good new shows on Netflix. We just finished three seasons of Borgen, a Danish political drama that we quite enjoyed. Wishing you and Sean a healthy and happy 2021!

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    1. You should steal it!!! I promise, if you are in a funk, it’ll pull you right out of it!! I have been hooked on the Great British Baking Show lately – Sean doesn’t dig it, but I have been obsessed. haha. We did just watch The Fisherman’s Friends (Movie) and we really enjoyed, Love on the Spectrum on Netflix. Have you seen the Queen’s Gambit yet? Other than that, I bet we have covered the same ground! We will check out Borgen. I am thinking about adding HBO back to the options, but also probably need to figure out some other distractions away from the tube. haha. Happy, Happy New Year to you and Mike!!

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      1. Thanks for the recommendations. Queen’s Gambit was great. Reminds me that we also enjoyed The Crown. The Great Canadian Baking Show is super fun too. Seasons 1 & 2 features host Dan Levy, a favourite of mine. He wrote, directed and acted in Schitt’s Creek, an awesome sitcom. Not sure if available in the States. Yes, enough tube!

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  6. I love your idea to cycle the neighbourhood decked out in holiday finery 🙂 The human spirit gets creative when the going gets tough!!

    I’m sending Happy New Year wishes your way. I hope your new year is healthy and full of grand adventures! 🎉

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  7. I really can’t believe I have not made it over there to see your colorful neighborhood! 😦 This trip has been chaotic and jam-packed, and I need a vacation from my vacation! Love your bike … you guys are always so much fun!

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  8. I love the festive spirit, Pam! I may have to include that version of caroling in my future! I’ve never thought about adding lights to my bike. My daughter and I did see the wheel on the back of a Jeep decked out in Christmas lights and thought we needed to do that next year too. I love seeing the lights of your neighborhood. Cheers to 2021. May it be magical. xx

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    1. Sean gets full cred for the lights! It helped with the festive feeling for sure. I was about out of steam at Xmas. It turned out to be one of my favorite Christmas’s! Searching for magic should be the theme of 2021 💕. Cheers friend!!

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