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We have been asked many times how our Thanksgiving went. The only way to reply to that question was, “It was groundhog day but with dry turkey and dressing.” Sad but true. We were so desperate for a change of scenery.

So what do you do when you don’t feel comfortable flying to Scottsdale, Arizona a week after Thanksgiving? You decide to DRIVE 6 hours to Santa Fe, New Mexico and isolate (mostly) with the dog in a little casita nestled in the Sangre de Cristo foothills about 10 minutes from downtown.

The weather was perfect, regardless of what our weather app told us.

NM currently has some pretty strict travel guidelines. Our hotel looked to be at 25% capacity and NO-ONE was out and about, or very few people I should say. We walked around town and saw less than 50 people. If you have ever been to SF during peak season, there are usually thousands of people milling around. The images below were from some of the most popular hotels and walkways downtown.

One of the many things I love about Santa Fe is the artistic influence ALL over the place. The use of color brings a really nice vibe to the the town.

Restaurants were not allowed to seat people indoors and only 25% outside. We managed to squeak in 2 outside dinning experiences. Most of the time we ordered takeout and ate in our room. SF has some of the best margaritas and green chili in the US. Maria’s was my favorite meal of our short, but sweet, Covid escape.

We found a really great place outside of the city to mountain bike – Galisteo Basin Preserve. I didn’t take too many photos as I had a death grip on the handle bars for the entire 8 miles we biked (well, I hike-biked at least 3 miles of it!). Pretty sure if I lived in SF, this would be my go-to place to bike and trail run. All of the trails are either green or blue, so it’s a great place to practice skills.

We intended to do a 10 mile ride following the arrows below, but we kept getting off course – that’s ok, it was really fun and the only injury sustained was a sore forearm or two from the death grip.

We spent a chunk of time relaxing in our casita, more than any other vacation on record. We must have played 20 games of cribbage – it was a total blast! We didn’t have to venture far for hiking. There is a really nice trail on property that provided us with some gorgeous views.

The drive home always SUCKs and seems take FOREVER. We drove through Taos hoping to bump into Julia Roberts, but alas, no such luck. After a few days away, we were happy to be at home, back to our routine of sleeping, cooking, eating, and watching TV with Yogi. Rinse and repeat.

It took 9 months, but I actually miss consistent, in-person interaction with people. As an introvert, never thought I would ever say such a thing. SO ready for a vaccine!

Cheers to all!

…i choose this…



  1. I love the colorful photos and the red chili peppers. Good on you for getting out and enjoying the scenery. As I understand it, NM requires a 14-day quarantine for out-of-state visitors. Apparently, from this post, they don’t enforce it very well. That’s nice to know.

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    1. You are right! They do have a quarantine measure in place, but not enforced. We called the hotel ahead of time to be sure. As long as they took our temperature at the door with no symptoms, they were ok with it. We were transparent the whole time we were there – I didn’t notice anyone bristling. Truthfully, I think they were happy to see people spending a little bit of money.

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        1. Definitely tough – it is really sad. I am doing as much as I can to support that industry since it’s near and dear to my heart. I chatted with a colleague who is quarantining in Canada. He said they call EVERY day and if you don’t answer, they show up at your place of residence. They will also track you via location services on the phone. I wonder what that costs to have that level of scrutiny?

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          1. It’s probably expensive, but then again, maybe they save money from all the people who just don’t travel rather than go through all that BS.

            I don’t understand this quarantining. The virus is everywhere, so what are these various countries and states hoping to prevent? Make no sense to me.

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  2. Hi, Pam, I love this post, and I look forward to reading more! Thank you for following my site and allowing me to discover yours! New Mexico is one of my favorite places. I think it’s due to the feeling of freedom from civilization as we know it; fewer people, fewer buildings, more arts and crafts, more canyons and mountains and trails to explore. More wild, untamed surroundings. I once saw Julia Roberts in the Taos Cow, a little ice cream shop in Arroyo Seco, a tiny village just north of Taos headed toward the ski valley! At that time, I was told she had a home in Valdez nearby. Thanks for the info on the trail system. I haven’t yet biked in NM, only hiked. I’ll have to give it a try! Oh, if you’re a fan of hot springs, check out Ojo Caliente. It’s a beautiful experience! 🌞

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    1. Aww thanks! I think you are right about New Mexico – it seems to be severely underrated!. We did stop in Arroyo Seco – it was super cute, but nothing was open of course. We did let our dog go potty right outside of town. lol. We will be back to explore more. Thanks for the tip on Ojo Caliente!! The trail system I mentioned is fairly new from what I understand, definitely worth a trip to check it out.

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      1. Great! If you find yourself back in the Taos area in warmer months, the ski valley has some gorgeous hiking trails. I was there one October and the trees covering the area were spectacular greens and golds, colors separated as if by a paint brush. And of course, pictures don’t do it justice. 🌞

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  3. Peggy and I were in Santa Fe at this time last year, visiting the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. We then headed up to Ghost Ranch. We love New Mexico and almost retired there. Looks like your hotel and the surrounding area are delightful, Pam. –Curt

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    1. Ohhhh, nice Curt!! We didn’t even look at museums to see if they were open. I hear wonderful things about the GOKM. Next time. I really do enjoy spending time there. I like to mosey around the art galleries, which Sean doesn’t love so much. Oh well, can’t have it all right?! Lol enjoy the weekend Curt!


      1. Last fall we focused on O’Keefe. I’m a fan. So we visited her home in Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch and Taos as well as the museum. Some fun. I’m good for about an hour or so of window shopping. Make it two if there is a bookstore involved. I’ve been known to hang out for hours in large art museums. 🙂

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  4. What a lovely and colourful place to stay at. I’m glad to hear you had a great time in New Mexico. As much as I would love to support tourism industry, travel restrictions are still in place in Ireland, and we are not allowed to go anywhere. Maybe next year 😉 thanks for sharing and have a good day 😊 Aiva

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  5. Looks like a pretty colourful town, I love all those ceramics!
    Glad you were able to get away from your day to day routine, we also started to be grateful for any sort of escape, no matter how small it is😍
    Cheers, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  6. SO pretty ahhh! I love the bright colors. SF is definitely on my to-do list. We too roadtripped for Thanksgiving… sometimes you just really need a change of scenery. Glad you guys had a good trip!

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  7. We had a similarly good time in Santa Fe and parts of NM in general on our way home in September. SF itself was empty (sad, but pleasant for us because it’s still so colorful and pretty), and Albuquerque was a ghost town (not so fun). We actually did get told by one hotel not to come, but another said we would not be policed and to just follow all the other rules, which we did. Your hotel looks like a place I want to stay! So cozy-looking and luxurious (especially with Yogi snoozing away on that pillow in front of the fire)!

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  8. A “getaway”, no matter how close or how limited, would be much appreciated about now Pam! You’re fortunate to be so close to Santa Fe. We loved our visit there years ago . I can imagine the town is so quiet now – but maybe that’s a nice feature of traveling during COVID! Glad you enjoyed the break and Yogi looks like he did too LOL

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  9. Glad you got in a little getaway, they are so needed these days!! We drove about 10ish hours to Michigan and are staying about twenty minutes from the Pfizer facility where the vaccine is! The light at the end of the tunnel is nearing!

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      1. I have a collaborative project I might need your help with in you fancy playing along.
        Where can I send you the details? (email? Instagram Messenger?…)


  10. Been to Santa Fe several times and LOVE it. Might consider retiring there if it weren’t so expensive. In fact, it is the starting point of the husband’s longest drive every: SF to Ames, IA: about 16.5 hours (I was in the passenger seat). We still had several hours to go to get home. That gives you some idea of how lucky you were to only drive 6 hours (though that is long when you’re not comparing it to 16.5). If I drive 6 hours in any direction… oh, don’t get me started. It’s too depressing.

    So strange to see your pictures of it so empty. Doesn’t diminish the beauty, though it does change the feel of the place.

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  11. Really enjoyed all the colour in your photos 🙂 We had a great three week road trip through NM a few years ago, including a few nights in a casita about three blocks from the Plaza in Santa Fe. Loved it there, although it was very busy and touristy (it would have been September I think). Still remember a couple of wonderful meals in the Shed and a fabulous chilli margarita in a bar overlooking the Plaza!

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    1. Oh yes, the Shed is really good – great margaritas! Yeah, it can get pretty crowded there which is why the lack of people, although it was a little sad, it was kind of nice to have the place to ourselves :-). I have not spent too much time in NM outside of Santa Fe, if you have favorites please pass em along!

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  12. Oohh…I haven’t been to Santa Fe. The vibrant colors look so inviting!! While I have loved the downtime of reading, I miss the consistent in-person contact as well. Hurry up, end of the tunnel!! I hope you have a lovely holiday, Pam! 🙂


  13. Hi Pam
    Glad you had such a nice trip
    And was wondering if that blanket with the peace sign was yours or if it came with the place?
    And fun shot by the way! The chew is great and we really had a njce feel for your trio (which I know was the goal – to let us travel with you a bit!)
    And we took trips earlier – only because we had to – my step daughter had a second child in late spring and so we waited until it was okay to visit them in FL
    And then had some elderly folks to check on

    Anyhow – what a year!
    And wishing you a nice Christmas

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      1. Going to check it out !!
        I have a travel kind of lining thing that I bought when I had to do overnights for work – it looks like a duvet cover but has zippers and is for travel sleeping – love it – ok – off to check on your link


    1. Oh thank you Caroline!!! I am not surprised you love it so much 😍.

      You all have a Wonderful holiday as well. This year has flown by, hasn’t it? Crazy. It’s all one big blur. It feels strange. Glad it’s behind us…one step closer to ‘normalcy’

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  14. Santa Fe looks fantastic and you truly know how to take us with you vicarously.
    The photos look awesome and you sure sound like it was a well-deserved well-received getaway.
    Not sure I’m ready for a vaccine so we can all get out safely, but I’m with you on the much-needed in-person interactions. Hope those comes soon enough early 2021… Fingers crossed !
    Meanwhile, let’s take strolls down memory lane through more of your latest getaway parties !
    Take care and enjoy it all !

    BTW, I’m always amazed at how many people interact with you on the blog, it’s fantastic (I’m a bit jealous, though, ah! 😉

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      1. I’ll have my next glass of wine thinking of you !
        And/or, we could also arrange for a skype and do so respecting social distancing but sharing the moment together nonetheless ! 😉

        Antsy’s not a curse 😉 It’s a good excuse
        It allows you to rummage around you and discover lovely places !
        Love that about you !

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  15. Santa Fé looks beautiful! I’ve thought so many times of a few days away. The last we managed was in July and I loved it, but as we neared Christmas my hopes were focused on the UK and seeing family. Those dreams are now dashed and like much of the world it will be Christmas by Zoom. Wishing you joy, now and in the year ahead 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Jo! Little get always are one of the things keeping me sane this year. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead as well. At some point we’ll be able to laugh about certain things that occurred this year. Looking forward to that day.

      I FINALLY figured out how to use ZOOM a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t use video calls on my last client. I had a sales call a week ago that was a disaster (for me). It felt like a comedy skit – I didn’t know who to look at, we are painting my office so the background was in shambles, I don’t even know what to wear anymore, etc. Embarrassing 😳. LOL


  16. Pam! You have made my morning – love love love these vibrant views of Santa Fe (I visited once almost 3 decades ago and I was so taken by it).

    I am so sorry that family occasions like Thanksgiving & Christmas have been disrupted. Were you hoping to go to Scottsdale to see family? My sister is in Phoenix and she is so frighted.

    I am glad, though, that you are able to dash away to hike, bike and do other restorative outdoor activities. And thank you for sharing them with us so we can enjoy it all vicariously!

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    1. I am glad this brought a little light to your day! We had a great time in spite of everything. We were supposed to go to PHX to visit friends and we decided against it. Our buddies there are very guarded about the virus, so we thought we would not add risk to them by being on a plane. I hope your sister is doing alright! Hope you had a great weekend lady!


      1. I did indeed have an enjoyable weekend – there was hardly any rain in the horizon so we got a good couple of runs in. Coupled with time with the girls. All good.

        AZ’s numbers are really quite frightful – my sister is exercising extreme caution and has started the process with vaccination (she is a teacher) so I think she will hopefully feel less anxious soon.

        Hoping you a good week ahead!

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