Lens Artists #89 – A River Runs Through It

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This weeks Lens-Artists challenge from Amy, at The World is a Book is a “River Runs Through It”.

What can I say about rivers? Some of my favorite life experiences have been on or near rivers. Grateful to have had them.

Not a lot of words this week, just images. Hope you all enjoy! Thank you Amy, for a wonderful, weekly photo challenge :-).

“You can’t be unhappy in the middle of a big, beautiful river.”

~Jim Harrison~


  1. Stunning images of these beautiful rivers, Pam. What a treat to see the river runs through it from National Parks to Alaska, Japan, Lao… The Grand Canyon, Wow!!!

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      1. My husband has to under self isolation as he is taking chemo due to bone marrow cancer. I have to extra careful when I go out. I’m thinking of perhaps a prodder to keep people at bay 🙂 Oh well, we can’t lose our sense of humour!

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        1. Ohh Suzanne, I had no idea. So sorry to hear this news. Sending some warm, healing thoughts from Colorado. A prodder might be a good idea. Lol. I just figured out how to stream some yoga on to my TV. It might just be a game changer! I am eating everything in sight these days. Maybe this will help me NOT blow up (further)!!

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          1. Thanks Pam for your kind thoughts. You made me smile as I’m having similar thoughts regarding exercise. I was training for my next half marathon. That’s been delayed though I will still try to keep walking and stay away from folk when out. I still need to go for errands so it’s all about crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Good luck with the yoga 🙂

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        1. I freakin’ hope so! Though I don’t have a weekend on the calendar yet. My Minnesota friend was going to meet me in NOLA for the Jazz fest – which got canceled. So, will have to make Minnesota work for sure.

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  2. From big rivers to small babbling creeks … I love them all! Add in mountains and they are irresistible.
    LOVE the photo from Yosemite, but the Grand Canyon captures my imagination. I’ve never seen it from river level. On my list of ‘somedays’.

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  3. Hi Pam! Strangely, this spring we didn’t have anything booked in advance, though we had talked about a trip to Mexico. I’m hoping that plans for a guided kayaking trip to a remote part of Vancouver Island this summer and India in November come to fruition. I’m more bummed right now that our provincial parks have closed all access…but, I get it (sort of). Our municipal walks are still open and they are much busier than the parks were. Luckily I got in some nice socially distanced winter hikes last weeks just as all the snow pole markers were being taken down. Keep well!


    1. That is good to hear Caroline! I think your trips are going to be safe. Looking forward to hearing about them. I would LOVE to do the kayaking trip in Vancouver Island. That sounds like a lot of fun. India is on the list too.


  4. Beaufiful shots! “A River Runs Through It” always reminds me of the Wind River Range in Wyoming – one of my favorite ranges in this country!

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    1. Thanks! Yosemite is so gorgeous. The only downside is the number of people who visit. If you havent been there, it’s like the disneyland of national parks. ugh. But, I have done some backpacking back in the John Muir wilderness that was a good get-away from the crowds. We are hunkered down! Getting out and hiking and biking when the weather is good. Rain and snow are in the upcoming forecast, so that will make things interesting. Hope you and yours are doing ok!


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