How to Make Remote Working Fun :-)

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My company has mandated that our workforce stop all travel to client sites. This is a huge challenge for us, because to be effective in my line of work, on site client support is generally required. The past 7 days were the first of many ‘work from home’ weeks to come.

I think I brushed my teeth twice and finally showered yesterday, Friday. Don’t worry, I am only going outside 2 times a day to walk the dog. Pajamas are my business attire of choice (that’s kind of awesome).

Part of this work arrangement involves an inordinate amount of conference calls. This past week, I spent at least 6 hours a day on conference calls with a minimum of 13 people on the line at any given time. Let me just say, this takes a tremendous amount of patience for certain Type A, “get it done as efficiently as possible”, personalities (speaking for a friend).

To make this remote situation fun, I saw this “Conference Call Bingo Card” come across the wire on Facebook. I wanted to share on WordPress thinking either someone could use this in the coming days, or for you lucky retired people, you’ll be reminded of your good ole office days.

One of my colleagues is on a different project, however we are connected by Instant Messaging. We WILL be playing this game on Monday. It’ll be a race to the finish line. We’ll have to figure out what to include in the winning purse.

I have a feeling my entire card will be filled within 10 minutes. Not sure if this is good or bad.

The silver lining in all of this is that if we are able to do this effectively in the coming weeks/months, just MAYBE we won’t have to be on site 100% of the time.

Hang in there everyone, we WILL get through this!

…i choose this…



  1. And posts like this remind me how luck I am that my work (except for presentation of data analyses) is mostly solitary. Conference calls drive me nuts. An 13 people? That’s insane. You should brush your teeth more often.

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    1. haha – yes, Sean says the same thing. Though I don’t think he’s brushing his daily either. Yeah, we are going through testing right now so it’s requiring a large group to be involved. OMG. It’s so frustrating.

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  2. Fortunately in my job I hardly ever had to deal with conference calls. I had to listen in on one once, and it sounded about as confusing to me as your bingo card. I can understand how this might try your patience. Hang in there, and hopefully soon we’ll get past this crisis.

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  3. I’ll pass the bingo card on to my husband who’s working from home now and seems to be on the phone endlessly. Thanks. And best of luck working from home, may your connection issues be multiple and your mute button always work.

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  4. Best of luck with working from home, we are all learning to adapt to new living and working condition, especially with kids being home all the time. Unlike people in Spain and Italy, we can still freely go for a much needed walk and we are grateful for that, at least something to keep us sane. Hang in there, Pam, this shall pass. 😊 Aiva

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  5. I am so glad that conference calls hadn’t been invented by the time I retired, or if they had then I never knew of them. They sound like my idea of Hell.

    Good luck to everyone with this CoVid nonsense and hopefully it will be over soon.

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  6. I, too, am trying to navigate the work from home lifestyle. Actually, the lifestyle (no commute, no makeup, no packing a lunch every day, etc.) I can readily get behind. It’s the TECH that’s killing me. I hate technology!!! Now my whole job depends on it. Teaching from home, which is probably going to start in about a week, is going to be interesting to say the least. I don’t mind those conference calls as much as you do, though. Usually it’s been a sit-n-git, meaning the principal just tells us loads of information that we write down. I’ve yet to have a conference call with dozens of people trying to chime in, but we have a staff meeting this week, so I’m sure that’s coming! 😉

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    1. ah yes, the staff meeting. Just wait – this card will come in handy!! I commend all the teachers out there trying to do teach remotely. I cannot imagine how that will go. Sending you some good vibes to get through it – summer is coming!

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  7. Good luck on the working from home!! My daughter’s high school has been fully online for a week and my oldest starts back to his college classes, now online, today. There’s definitely an adjustment period.


  8. Hopefully you succeed so well in working remotely that you don’t need to go 100% of the time on-site but I truly hope firms won’t take that as an opportunity to have everyone work only remotely because it doesn’t serve the cause for correct working conditions, salary, face-to-face needed time and such…

    But I can see you playing with a smile with your coworkers with that bingo card! Hope you win (in more than 10 minutes, though!)

    Take care, stay home and stay safe.

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  9. I LOVE the card! How did it work out? “Let’s do a roll call” is one of my favorites, especially when everyone says their name at the same time, and I have to say mine at least 15! 🙂


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