Lens-Artists Challenge #80 – Leading Lines

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What can I say?  When taking photos, I am often drawn to lines.  Tina from Travels and Trifles challenged us to post images of “Leading Lines.” I have so many options for this challenge, it was hard to narrow it down!

Leading lines carry our eye through a photograph. They help to tell a story, to place emphasis, and to draw a connection between objects. They create a visual journey from one part of an image to another and can be  helpful for creating depth as well.

Here is my selection! Enjoy! Check out Tina’s page for some beautiful interpretations.

The image is from Angkor Wat, Cambodia, and includes several examples lines created from the shadows of the pillars, the stone walkway steering her to the back of the corridor, the canopy of pillars creating a sense of depth, the cracks in the floor, the straps of her backpack, and the lines etched in the stone pillars….lines, lines, lines and more lines!
This is image is from a restaurant in Denver. The lack of patrons is not an indication of the quality of the food! We just happened to get there super early and I was able to snap this image before it filled up. All tables lead to the mural on the wall.
This image is from the High Line Trail in NYC. I saw these arches and was attracted to the orange leaves on the trees at the end of the pathway.
This table in the field stretches as far as the eye can see!
OKC bombing memorial – the chairs extend in lines every which way. 168 chairs in total.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

….i choose this….



  1. One of the places you selected —Angkor Wat — is a favorite place of mine as well. Loved the symmetry and lines there, and I’d love to return alone, not as part of a tour, so I could linger. Great contribution to this week’s challenge!

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    1. Thank you Tina! I sort of stalked this poor woman to get that shot. At one point, there was a man in front of her, I had to wait for him to pop out of the photo. LOL. The memorial moves me every time :-). Thanks for a fun Challenge T!

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    1. Thanks Amanda! The table was at a farm to table dinner – on a farm in Colorado. We booked it through Outstanding in the Field – the tickets usually go on sale in the Spring, but I cannot seem to find the date for 2020. Here is a link to the website. https://outstandinginthefield.com/winter-tour/. I WILL be doing another this year – though I may travel to a new location for it – maybe to a state I haven’t visited. I hope you are doing great!

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  2. Wonderful collection. I’m curious about the table as well?
    Angkor Wat… the “Dengue” trip! Still an overgrown mud-hole when I first saw it during a two-week circumnavigation of Tonlé Sap. Getting to it required hiring a guy who could also arrange trips to fire a machine-gun or a grenade-launcher (skipped on those, however). Still amazing, although it was difficult to get a sense of its sheer size.

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    1. Oh lord! The dengue trip! BOO!! That sounds like quite the adventure – I can totally see you launching grenades – LOL. The table was from a farm to table dinner with an outfit called Outstanding in the Field. You should check it out. It is a little pricey, but, so much fun if you go with the right people. We also met some really fun people at the table. They have them all over the states and some overseas. Tix usually go on sale in the spring but I can’t see when on the website. Here is a link…https://outstandinginthefield.com/winter-tour/

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  3. Oooh. Great selections. Love the road to the snow-caps. I want to walk that High Line in N.Y., too, if that’s the inner city converted rail line. What is the Denver restaurant? I haven’t been EVERY where.

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    1. Thanks! You are correct about the High line. The Denver restaurant is Mister Tuna – but I just looked it up and it is closed!! The owner turned it into a rental place for large parties. Apparently, with all the construction over there, business was impacted. Did you ever drive over there during that period? jeez, we did once and I never went back. I think it’s all cleared up, but it impacted tons of businesses over there. Too bad, because the food there was delish!

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  4. Obviously, love all these photos!
    Cambodgia is on our wish list. Date not set yet…
    That dinner in the fields… Totally something I’m hoping I’ll do too. And what a photo… That long long empty table!
    And finally, the OKC bombing memorial . I’m speechless.

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    1. Oh thanks! I hope you make it to Angkor Wat – I would love to see what you capture there. So many great photo ops. Though when I go back and look at what I came back with – many are washed out due to some lighting issues. Your trip to NYC is coming up! YAY.

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  5. Excellent choices, Pam! Love that table and the bombing memorial especially. My husband is in Angkor Wat today! Maybe taking a similar photo? 36 degrees C – not my cup of tea. But I am still envious.

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    1. Thank you Ann Christine! What??! And you are not with him? dang. Yes, I have seen this photo since I came back. It is definitely one that stands out when you are there. UGH on the temp – the only good thing is that it is good for the skin. haha.


  6. I love this collection, Pam. That memorial is so moving. I see in the comments that you had to wait for that perfect Angkor Wat snap, but it is so perfect! That table is cray-zy! Was that a farm-to-table experience?

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    1. thank you! Yes, it was a farm to table experience. Outstanding in the Field – have you hear of it?? I like to try and do one every year – they are so much fun. The food isn’t always 5b star, but the experience is really fun. They will do wine or beer pairings depending on the dinner.

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      1. I haven’t heard of that specific farm to table experience, but I think we’ve had something similar in this region. I just looked them up. I’m going to have to keep them in mind for a getaway for me and the hubby! 🙂

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  7. Amazing photos, Pam! Thanks for sharing. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. I walked that trail in NYC as well a couple of years ago. And, wow, is that a long table. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Was this at a winery or event or something like that? The restaurant scene is spectacular as well, especially the mural at the end. But, I think my favorite is the feature one on top, of the OKC Memorial. Well done!

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    1. I loved all of your visits today – thank you! The table was at a Farm to table dinner with an organization called Outstanding in the Field. This was on a farm South of Denver near Colorado Springs. The memorial – is incredible. Hope you have been there or will make it there some day!

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