Lens-Artists Challenge #79 – Windows with a View (of Nature)

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This week’s challenge from Amy at “The World is a Book” asked us to share photos we’ve captured through windows. Most of my all-time favorite views are those from a tent or a cozy cabin, though I did include one from a friend’s apartment in New York City only because NYC is my favorite city in the world. Take a look at Amy’s page for some awesome photographers – it was a fun challenge as usual!

Starting from the top left and moving clockwise: 1) Colorado Mountain Hut – Top 10 things to do in Colorado; 2) My cousin waking up to a wonderful sunrise in Asheville, North Carolina – just a few short months after her husband passed. We stayed in a really cool glamping dome; 3) The West Village of New York City on a trip with my BFF’s of nearly 40 years; 4) Valley in the Flattops Wilderness on one of the most fun road trips of all time – from the back of our 1980’s VW van; 5) View from my tent on a once in a lifetime backpacking trip on the Lost Coast of California.

I could re-live these moments over and over again :-).

“I’d rather wake up in the middle of no-where than in any city on earth”

~Steve McQueen~

….i choose this….



  1. Wow, such beautiful photos and views too! I loved every single one, especially the view of the snowy landscape – it doesn’t get dreamier than that! Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva


    1. Ok so this is weird. I was JUST wondering how u were about 20 mins ago. So I went to your site to see if you had posted anything new!! Happy new year!!! I can’t wait for summer camping. Winters are not my favorites!

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  2. I adore your choice of windows and marvelous compositions. If you added a boat hatch, you would have captured all of my favorite views. I tend to live at the extremes, so for me, it is either the big city or wide-open landscapes/seascapes.

    If I do manage to put down roots in NYC again (I am vacillating between going back to work or sailing back to French Polynesia) you are welcome to come to visit.

    Sorry for your cousin’s loss.

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    1. Lisa! Thank you! It is sooo good to hear from u! French Polynesia sounds pretty amazing to me 😉. I wish we lived closer to water – I’d have a snap in there for sure. If u land in NYC, we will definitely meet up 😊. I’ll have Lex Klein in tow!!

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  3. Love the views, Pam! I was thinking of digging through my archives and joining in the challenge. I used to love doing the WordPress weekly photo challenge before it went away.

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    1. Thanks Ann-Christine – camping is definitely one of life’s precious things – at least to you and me! Thanks for the sweet comments about my cousin – that was a very special trip for both of us.


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