Lens-Artists Challenge #75 – Nostalgic

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It always seems like the first time you experience something new, it’s the best EVER. And then when you go again, still great, but not as….maybe that’s another reason I rarely visit the same place twice. My expectations get out of whack!

There is a fantastic music festival I like to go to in Marfa, Texas. Marfa is in West Texas in the High desert close to Big Bend National Park. You would think there would be NOTHING there, but the art scene is incredible. In 1971, New Yorker, Donald Judd started to transform it into what it is today. Artists escape here to find themselves, create masterpieces, invent new ideas.

When you drive through town, at first glance, there is nothing remarkable – only one stop light…then you put your feet up, stay a few days, dig a little deeper and you become HOOKED. I think it is one of the hippest places in the United States.

The festival referenced above is called the Trans-Pecos Music Festival ….I went for the first time about 4 years ago….it was AMAZING. Two of my favorite artists of all time – Kaycee Musgraves and Nathaniel Rateliff – were there, front and center. The attendance is so small, you get to stand right in front of the stage and look these people right in the eye. It was truly a magical experience. We spent our days hiking in Big Bend National Park, relaxing in our tents, and our nights listening to some outrageous music.

The second time was also wonderful, however, the weather wasn’t that great, I didn’t find the music to be out of this world and did not love the lodging situation. Our glamping tent was RIGHT behind the after hours stage – so we got to listen to music until what felt like, dawn.

It goes back to the first experiences of something being the best. Maybe I have lower expectations walking into a new experience?

The memory of the Trans-Pecos #1 makes me long for West Texas sunsets, good music, hikes in Big Bend, showers with stars RIGHT over my head, being surrounded by people enjoying life, and sometimes it makes me long to be back in Texas where I spent 26 years of my life. There was so much I didn’t do there when growing up.

Great memories, great times.

This post is my submission for the Lens-Artist Challenge – Nostalgic, posted by Tina at Travels and Trifles. Check out some other wonderful ideas from other bloggers HERE.


  1. I love the photos and the nostalgic look at how places, people, events spark our imagination; how it’s never the same and it all changes because nothing is ever static. I have a family member moving from California to Texas next year, probably near San Antonio. I am going to show her your blog. I love that you hold your Texas upbringing and its special places deep in your heart. It really comes through here and I enjoyed reading this and viewing the photos which spoke volumes!

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  2. Wonderful pictures! I especially love the one with the singer in the white dress…looks like she’s floating! As a kid, my family went to the same vacation spot EVERY SINGLE YEAR. As the parent, we’ve tried to mix it up for our kids…a little. There are so many many places I haven’t seen, but I’ll admit in finding comfort in returning to the places I know. Great post, as always!

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  3. Is that El Cosmico? I know what you mean about expectations and sometimes not having them met the second time around, but I LOVE going back to places and experiences. I never get enough of a place the first time around. Speaking of which, I still need a return trip out to West Texas!

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    1. It is!!!! And yes you do need to go back – I love it so much. Maybe J would like it better the second time around? I don’t know if I could do the TMB or EBC again just because they were both such amazing trips. Some places like Iceland, I just want a do over. Lol.

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  4. What a beautiful spot, Pam. I love your header shot and the teepees at sunset. Gorgeous! I know what you mean about the first experience being the best and how the pleasure decreases when you repeat the experience a second and third time. I’ve felt the same way, too.


  5. I know what you mean about 2nd time around. That festival in the desert looks fantastic. I had not heard of Nathaniel Rateliff before. I have just listened to a few bits and pieces and I look forward to getting more acquainted with his music. Thanks for the recommendation!

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