International Cookie Day – Nailed it!!

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A wonderful blogger reminded me it was international cookie day!

I’m trying to start a yearly tradition of decorating Christmas cookies with friends and am in search of the perfect sugar cookie recipe. If you have one, please pass it along. I found a decent recipe for icing, though I need to remember which one it was.

In honor of this epic day, I wanted to share the results of last years attempt – our inaugural year.

Let me start by saying I have a friend Amy who is the MASTER at cookie decorating. She’s done it for years and hosts classes during the Christmas holidays. We want to be like Amy. Amy lives in Dallas, so we rarely see her. (Sadly)

Note Amy’s Pinterest perfect Icing and consistent shapes below.

Ours – NAILED IT! Clearly we haven’t taken classes with Amy, though the bell at the bottom looks promising 😂😂😂😂. We have nowhere to go but up!

May your holidays be merry and cookie-filled!!

….i choose this….



  1. Ah, your decorated cookies still look better than mine. Some how the vision in my head never translates to the actual project. My daughter says I’m the perfect candidate for the show “Nailed It”…. guess that’s not a compliment for my cookie decorating skills😆 But most importantly, do they taste good?

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  2. Looks delicious!! I need to get working on mine! I use my mothers and grandmothers recipe and it’s the only recipe I use when I try to switch everybody knows the difference!!! I can’t say it’s the best ever cookie but it is good!!! Of course with tons of frosting on top any cookie is good! Your decorating looks awesome I am not a decorator so I appreciate everybody’s creativity! My cookies get frosting and sprinkles. Lol!

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    1. Is it a sugar cookie recipe?? Why do I have a feeling your cookies will turn out great. I’ve got to figure out when we can fit it in this year. With Christmas being so close to Thanksgiving and a TON of travel, it’s been super busy. And I agree, frosting makes everything better.

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    1. I don’t cook either. I wish I did! Sean does all the cooking in our house. I might make a bagged salad 🥗. Every now and then I follow a recipe! A friend tonight suggested getting the store dough and rolling it out. I may have to try that! Though there is something about going through the motions of a home made dough….and then browning the edges too much. Haha.

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  3. Yours look great. I would definitely eat them. In fact, I’ll private message you my address and you can send me some. Hurry – we leave for Asia soon. Ha ha! By the way, I sometimes make cutouts, too, and I enjoy decorating them for a while, but I always get frosting fatigue well before my cookies are fully frosted and decorated.

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      1. When I was a kid, my mom made all the Italian pastries at Christmas. I miss them terribly but not enough to make them myself. They are a TON of work.

        I gave up trying to interest my guys in various Christmas treats. I just ended up eating them myself. Only this year I learned that son #1 doesn’t like shortbread. Who doesn’t like shortbread?!!

        So now Christmas usually involves a white chocolate cheesecake which I know everyone loves. Just don’t tell my son the base is made from shortbread cookies 😏

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        1. That is hilarious about the shortbread base! And I agree, who doesn’t like shortbread??? a white chocolate cheesecake sounds divine. Sean made a basic cheesecake last year that turned out great – what a labor of love that is.


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