Why are European Flowers so Perfect?

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I’m thinking it’s getting a little darker in some parts of the world…you may be in need of some color.

I just came home from a quick trip to Europe and took a few photos of some lovely flowers I stumbled upon in London, Paris and Munich. These were taken in between many raindrops!

What is it with the flowers over there? They always seem so perfect and colorful.


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  1. Artichoke flowers and hydrangeas are my favorites! Love purple…!
    Luckily, both of these grow very easily here in Brittany 😍.
    But the top of the tops will always remain the Italian bougainvilleas.

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  2. These flowers are indeed beautiful! How can you do a “quick” trip to Europe?? I guess part of my confusion is that I always forgot just how small the countries are, but still…… it also takes a full day to get there, at least from California. How long were you gone?

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    1. That’s funny, I guess I usually allocate 2 full weeks to a vacay. We were there for 10 days…4 nights London, 3 Paris, 3 Munich. Felt super quick to me. Haha. Yeah Europe has to be a little tougher from the West Coast. Thanks for the follow!

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  3. Chanced upon this post this morning – the lovely flowers made my morning! I am particularly taken by the Equinlops – the name is so enchanting, just as the flower is whimsical (can you tell I am in one of those moods this morning?)

    Why are flowers in Europe so perfect (London is one of my favourite corners of the world where I’ve been fortunate to spend quite a bit to time on account of long-suffering family who host us)? Could it be the same reason food tastes better, buildings more charming? Because we have nipped away on a magical adventure and so tend to look better and closer!


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