Scenes from Trekking In Patagonia!

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Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to spend 12 days trekking around Patagonia – it is truly a gorgeous place – Mountains, Glaciers, Guanacos and Sheep galore! I loved the Chilean side a tad bit more, however, the views were pretty stinkin’ spectacular throughout the entire trip.

We spent roughly 6 days trekking around Mount Fitz Roy in Argentina and another 6 trekking the W route in the Torres del Paine National Park.

Most of the hikes averaged 10 miles a day – I’ll just say the calories from steak and other mystery meats eaten every day were put to good use! The itinerary essentially looked like this:

I didn’t spend the time to document day by day activities (probably a blessing for readers), but hope you enjoy the views! I did my best to illustrate the vastness of the area. All images taken with an iPhone X.

My favorite pic is the one with the sheep butts :-). (and yes, that is whiskey and glacier ice – nothing better after a long-ass day of hiking).


    1. Thanks Mel! I knew u of all people would like this one! We went in March…the weather was unbelievably perfect. We did go with a group through Rei adventures. If you don’t know them, they are an outdoor gear store in the states. I use them to help plan the hard stuff I don’t have time for. Love them! Glad your day started off well!!

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    1. Thanks lady! We were sooo lucky. I expected something totally different. Sean gets on me about taking photos of everything, but honestly my memory sucks and I need photos to jog the brain! Hope to have some goodies in Europa.

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  1. Awesome trip! Great photos, too… even the sheep butts. We stayed about ten-miles north of El Chalten during December of ’16, as a side trip to time mostly farther north in Chile (Osorno and Puerto Monte). The weather was, unfortunately, wet and windy the whole time we were on the Argentinian side, and wet snowpack was still down to the higher lakes. About the only views of the spires were of Fitz Roy from Laguna de los Tres (we came in from the north), and Cerro Torre from the trail up from El Chalten to Laguna Torre (surprisingly crowded). A (touristy) couple of days in the Torres del Paine during the return were spectacular, but unbelievably windy. I’d love to go back with the intent of staying in the south and going down to Punta Arenas.

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    1. I expected to be windy and wet the whole time! I have a post about flying kites there that I’ll post in a couple of weeks. The trails were pretty crowded for sure, like way more then I expected. Some people we met on the trip went further south and they had a great time. I hope ya get to go back! I wouldn’t stay in PA for more than a night, but that’s just my opinion!

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    1. Thanks Joanne! Agreed on the weather. I’ve seen photos that scared me, thinking that’s what we would encounter. We were super lucky. Also, I have never eaten more steak in my life!! Lots of good Malbecs too 😉

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  2. Pam!!! Wow! It must be great to be able to trek there. Your pictures are so sooo beautiful. I love the one with the gracier terminus! My hubby was just telling me this morning that maybe we can go to Patagonia next year with our kids. Do you think it’s a good idea with a 10-yr old?

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    1. You know, I would definitely do some good research, I really can’t say. Our trip was so focused on trekking, and it wasn’t easy hiking for sure. I can say the Perito Moreno glacier was fun…we also stayed at a sheep estancia which was amazing..Calafate and Chaltan were great towns in Argentina. Most of Chile was hiking and sleeping in tents. I found this for you for ideas. I’d start here and go from there 😊

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  3. Yes the sheep butts are a classic photo. I like the mountains ones, too. I cannot imagine treking around like you do , but am glad that you share your photos here. You have a way with that iPhone X.

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    1. Thanks AB! I feel like I have to do it while I can! It’s not always easy for sure. Glad you like the snaps…just got a new camera so we’ll see what happens with that 😊.

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      1. We were there in early-mid April (their fall). The weather was good, not great (no major rain but a fair amount of cloud). Luckily we had a few clear days to see Fitz Roy. However, the spectacular fall colours were over-the-top amazing and more than made up for the less than perfect skies. Here’s a link to one post that shows the colours:

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    1. Ahh thanks!! I accidentally moved this comment to spam! thanks for the kind comments – glad it took you back to a happy time!


  4. How can I not LOVE this post, Pam?!?
    You’re speaking right to my heart with those pics… you know that! Patagonia is deeply engraved in my soul after visiting 3 times and living there for 1 year… I know I have to get back some day…

    This snaps are incredibly fabulous, show the vastness of it all, the grandeur, the colors and the immensity of the country. I’m amazed at the details your iPhone was able to catch and render. Not sure my Nikkon camera would do the trick.

    Thanks for making me daydream about one of my favorite parts of the world again…

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    1. Your home away from home!!! Good thing you are still a young lass, you have MANY years ahead to go back….even with your 1 x a year flying goal!! Xoxo

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  5. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for visiting our blog! We are following yours now! 😃 This is a great post on Patagonia. We plan on going in 2021 and look’s like March will be the sweet spot with the weather. We love your writing and photos. We have I- phone 8’s and a Nikon Coolpix P600 for telephoto shots. Honestly, we get great results with the I phones and with the new IOS a lot more flexibility to edit the photos. Your trekking looks amazing. We will contact REI and see what they have to offer.
    Thanks so much!

    John and Susan
    Medellin, Colombia

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    1. Thanks John and Susan! Yes, my friend researched and March seemed to be the time of year with less wind – and she was right! You will love it for sure. The views are absolutely stunning as you can see. I-phones take some amazing photos these days. Can wait to get my hands on the new one. My contract is up in November :-). Thanks for following the blog! I look forward to following your adventures! cheers!!


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