Out Like a Light in Vietnam

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I once read a stat we spend around 25 years of our life asleep! Some people can’t stand it, others like me, live for it. I can’t wait until the end of the day when I finally hit the hay. I’ve solved math, relationship and work problems in my dreams; I’ve “flown” over my neighborhood and every now and then, I have an encounter with my dad – which is pretty cool as I lost him over 30 years ago now.

β€œA well spent day brings happy sleep.” β€” Leonardo da Vinci

I Love to bump into people sleeping when out and about – they usually look so peaceful to me. Depending on the situation, I will take a photo of said sleeper. My favorite image to date is of this young Vietnamese boy below. We found him in a small (sleepy at the time) beach town called Mui Ne. Truly love everything about this image, the colors, textures, and of course this sleeping boy.


  1. You are awfully prolific! I love this image too. I also love the experiences of sleep, even if I wake up frustrated sometimes. Dreams are full of challenges and problems solved, creative ideas and visits with long lost friends or relatives that have passed….just awesome!!

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    1. Thanks! I sometimes have a hard time falling asleep, but when I do it’s dreamy…..haha. If I am having a bad one, I have trained myself to recognize it’s just a dream and wake up….the human mind is fascinating to me!!

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  2. I know this is a huge generalisation but I am always amazed at the ability of Asian people to fall asleep just about anywhere. As one with sleep disorders I do envy them that.


    1. Sleep disorders are tough. I have certainly gone through periods of time in my life when sleep was limited and it was horrendous. I could hardly function. Sorry to hear you have challenges with sleep.

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      1. Actually it is not too bad of late. I am currently staying down by the coast and the sea air is knocking me out at night. In truth I have learned to live with it and it is not such a problem with me being retired and single as I can have a doze whenever I want as and when it comes. I have no issues with having to get up for work, family commitments etc.

        Thanks for your kind comments and I hope your sleep patterns sort themselves out.

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  3. Fabulous capture – you have such a keen & sensitive eye!

    Sleep time is indeed very curious – I am one of the fortunate ones who can sleep almost anytime & anywhere. Except there is so much to do in a day I often put off bedtime till far too late! I love my nap during the day though as it is restorative & often much needed.

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    1. Thanks Ju-Lyn! I can’t ever seem to take naps – even on vacation! You are a lucky woman! A good nap is definitely helpful, I always seem to want to sleep for hours though – wish I could train myself to take a 20 minute hard snooze!


  4. And there’s another thing in common … I LOVE to sleep even though I am so active otherwise (or maybe because of that). And I know what you mean about solving things in dreams; to this day, I am convinced I finally got the knack of driving a stick shift car after dreaming about how to time the clutch and the gear shifting!

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    1. Thanks! I sometimes have issues falling asleep, but once I’m there, it’s wonderful!! We sleep with a white noice machine that helps drown out other random sounds. If I hear snoring, all bets are off! Ha!

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  5. That’s a long time to spend asleep! But I’m with you, I love my sleep! I’ve had some awesome adventures in my bed and I’m not talking about the rolly polly ones! It does take me a while to fall asleep though but once I do I sleep deeply. Great pic and fun post.

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    1. It’s hard to imagine right?!! I do have a hard time shutting my brain off at times….a glass of wine and a hot bath usually help 😊

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    1. Thanks Lisa! I have a tendency to take photos of somewhat random things 😬. I’m glad you liked this one. I actually have an β€œout like a light” series, but this is my favorite of the bunch.

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  6. I’m a terrible sleeper and so I know there is nothing more glorious than climbing into bed dog-tired at the end of a good day and sleeping well!! …. well, except for maybe a stolen nap in the middle of a quiet afternoon 😁

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