Raising Olive Rose

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Well, we did it. We got a new puppy. Olive Rose is a precious 9 week old Australian Labradoodle. I haven’t had a puppy for 40 years and Sean has amnesia about what it was like with Yogi. Needless to say, the level of effort to raise a puppy was grossly under estimated!!! I’d like to share a few things about her as she will be a big part of this blog going forward.

She likes to play with her toys….

Antagonizing her big brother is pure joy for her…. Yogi mostly ignores her. He is such a sweet, sweet pup, it’s been a little stressful seeing how her presence has impacted him! It’s getting better, but not sure they will ever be besties.

Her poofy bed is one of her favorite places to lounge….

She likes to go on walks. She prefers to be on her own 4 feet but she’s also pretty good about hitching a ride….

Sleeping is one of life’s simple pleasures for her….

She feels all kinds of good feels when she is in her people’s arms….

She’s pretty much perfect for about 22 hours a day, however, she has her devilish moments that look a lot like this….

The first week was a little rough. We now know her cues and she gets better and better with potty training every day. Things are calming down for all of us and we are settling into a nice routine with one another.

Hanging with Sean, Yogi and Olive are some of my most favorite moments in life ❤️. We love her soooo stinking much and cannot wait to take her on all kinds of adventures.

…i choose this…



  1. I am here for all the Olive Rose posts!!! She is too adorable! I think there is something with doodles and witching hours. My family babysat a mini goldendoodle puppy for two weeks, and she was an angel and cute until about 7 pm and then we were practically staying up on the couch so she couldn’t bite us haha. That says a lot because my family is obsessed with dogs. She definitely had a witching hour!

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    1. LOL. She goes nuts in the morning and around 7:00. It’s pretty cute to see her running at mach speed! The biting and chewing I’m not really digging all that much. Hopefully that will pass in a month or so…..what do I know? I haven’t had a puppy in 40 years. haha.

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      1. That is cute! It’s hard to be mad at them for misbehaving when they’re so cute. Jon has never had a dog and my family got my dog when I was 10 so our puppy will definitely be an experience ha! I’m just hoping Jon won’t be afraid of her, but I’m mostly worried she will like him more than me…

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  2. What a delightful creature Pam. Sladja and I always say that the one thing we can’t have with our nomadic lives is a pet. Would love to have a puppy, or a kitten, or both. One day, I guess, when we finally settle down. Wishing you many happy years ahead with Olive Rose. By the way, what a fantastic word “Labradoodle” is.

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  3. She’s very cute, but I understand the stress that can come with raising a puppy. We got one a few months ago, and at 18 weeks old, we still struggle with the potty training on some days. We’ve read a variety of methods for potty training, and it’s hard to tell which method is best, if any. I’m looking forward to the day when we get past this, and I’m sure you are, too.

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  4. Those eyes are too much. How do you ever say no to them?! I’ve been considering getting a dog but I would probably adopt a grown one from the shelter – don’t know if I could handle the work involved with house breaking a pup!

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  5. Yay you!!! Congratulations! She’s so cute! I feel ya, as we are 2.5 months into our kitten parenting. It gets better and easier each day… except when they go absolutely bonkers, which is about twice a day. Still, just a few minutes ago we caught the female cat grooming the bunny!! So precious. I’m hoping that will happen with Olive Rose and Yogi one day soon.

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  6. Congratulations on getting a puppy, she’s so adorable 🥰 puppies are cute but they can also be quite destructive as they like to explore, chew, lick and possibly even eat things in their environment 😂 nevertheless, they are also heaps of fun, so enjoy every moment 🥰 Aiva xx

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      1. We have a king size tuft and needle in a guest room – and all visitors have loved it so far and we got it because it had great reviews – and hubs loves it for naps – it gets extra cool in there!
        Anyhow – hope you love yours !

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  7. Congrats on your new baby!!! 🐶❤️ Adorbs pics — and I totally laughed out loud at her ‘devilish pic!’ 😆 We have FIVE dogs – a German Shepherd, an Australian Shepherd, two Mini Aussies, and a Golden Retriever mix! Did I mention I also have four cats, four Miniature horses, and one Miniature donkey! ❤️❤️❤️ 😁😁😁

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  8. She’s so incredibly cute … you will find that cuteness helps overcome some of the irritation you are bound to feel at times! Can you tell me if that Patagonia backpack is specifically for dogs or just a basic one that she fits into? We bought a doggie backpack for T, but he wobbled around in it too much (it had a flat bottom and he just slid from side to side as we hiked).

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  9. Wow Pam!! I have wanted a dog since many yrs but still haven’t had the fortune to get one. Congratulations to you for Olive!!! She’s just adorable….. Wish you good luck with your puppy training 🤗😇

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  10. My Moxie is 2 weeks away from her first birthday. Her Mom Phoebe and Dad Bailey live across the street. I was thinking of getting my Australian Labradoodle Charlie a sister, but sadly at 15 months, he died suddenly from liver failure due to infection since 4 months. So Moxie arrived a couple of weeks later. Before that, it had been a while since I had a puppy. Get plenty of bandaids and Neosporin. Their super sharp teeth fall out around 5 months. You can check out my journey with puppies along with “Lens-Artists” posts on my website. I’ll be checking in on your progress. Good Luck with your super cute pup.


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