10,000 Steps in Mexico City

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Mexico City (CDMX) is one of the most bustling, interesting cities on the planet – at least in my opinion. One of my favorite friends and I added 2 days in CDMX at the end of a 5 day, Day of the Dead excursion to Chiapas (more on that later). Since we were only here for a brief time, we had to pack in as much as possible.

First off, the level of COVID precautions were far more strict than we have here in Colorado. People wore masks outside, nearly every restaurant and store required hand sanitizer upon entry, foot sanitizer pads were present every now and again, a fine mist of something or other was sprayed on our clothing and temps were taken. When we got our COVID test to re-enter the US, all I was thinking is there was NO possible WAY I could have gotten it in Mexico.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite snaps from our whirlwind visit to this fine city. The lens on my phone was constantly covered in sweat, so some of these images are not the most clear. lol.

We did ALOT of walking – soaked in all of the local anomalies and walked the treelined streets of the Roma Norte neighborhood and the downtown area. I’m not quite sure of the story behind the woman in white, but there was a photographer snapping photos of her, so of course, I had to also.

As you inch closer to downtown and then in and around the main public square (zocalo), you start to see some pretty unbelievable architecture – churches, doors, etc. We of course found a few ofrendas de Dia de Los Muertos along the way.

There was a Friday market in the downtown zocalo. One could buy all kinds of tchotchkes but scoping out the food scene was far more intriguing. Tons of vendors were selling pretty amazing looking food, minus the bowl of grasshoppers. We did get a taste of some sort of string cheese….um, it had a weird taste to it, so it didn’t stay in the mouth too long!

We had some outstanding meals in our short time there. It’s tough to get reservations in the top hotspots (Pujol and Quintonil) – you usually have to secure a resy a couple of months (if not further) in advance. However, we found some goodies wandering around the Roma Norte neighborhood: Rosetta for some Mexican/Italian fare set in a historic mansion with a bright courtyard full of greenery; Casa Virginia Monica Patino for fancy Mexican also set in a historic mansion with clean lines and white walls; and Contramar for dessert, an incredibly BUSY, hip (too hip for us – lol) restaurant packed tit to elbow with people – at seemingly all hours of the day. Rosetta and Contramar are usually at the top of the list of places to “see and be seen”, so we felt pretty lucky for the experience. The service was impeccable and the food, incredible.

We fell asleep to our favorite movie – Coco – both nights we spent in our hotel. The BEST movie ever made to illustrate what Dia de Los Muertos is all about. I walked away from this trip with a tremendous amount of gratitude for all of the good things in life and extremely dry cuticles (from copious amounts of hand sanitizer).

I texted N when we got back home to make sure she was alright and didn’t have poopie britches from the string cheese – her reply was, “Feel like a happy lady with such wonderful, curious friends. No poopie britches for me.”

Best trip ever…

..i choose this…



    1. I am kind of shocked by that!!! Living down South for most of my life, it’s always been a thing for us. I think you might really like some of the small, colonial towns. Posting one soon about Chiapas. For some reason, your comment went to spam – BOO.

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  1. What a wonderful colourful post! I’ve never been to any part of Mexico and now I want to go even more than I did before πŸ˜† I love the car being used as a market stall, the street food stalls, the architecture … And your restaurant descriptions sound just amazing!

    I’ve never heard the term ‘poopie britches’ but it’s just perfect and I’ll be adopting it for ‘those’ incidents on my travels in future πŸ˜€

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    1. Super easy for you and really not too bad for us! Yeah, the crowd at Contramar was nuts. We were passing by and N happened to notice 2 seats at the bar. They let us take em – right place at the right time – that fig tart was unbelievable. I could’ve eaten 5 of them. lol.

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      1. It is a loveable country. Just too many political issues. Now Chiapas is out of this world. We drove there a few years back, spent a few weeks moving form one place to the other… Wonderful. Look forward to your post.

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  2. Pam, it sounds like you had a blast. Mexico doesn’t have the usual positive reviews as other countries. People should be redirected to your descriptive colourful post, I’m sure their perception will be changed.

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    1. Thanks Suzanne! Mexico has its issues, but I always have a wonderful time there. I have some posts coming about Chiapas in the coming weeks. My girlfriends and I had the most fun time. Lots of color and customs during day of the dead. Sending hugs your way lady.


              1. Understand, a puppy comes first. No, this is just a trip that we have been wanting to do. Spain will be our next landing zone, most likely Alicante. We want to be back on the beach and be based there as it’s much cheaper to travel EU, Africa, and Asia from there.
                BTW, Are you a member of Trusted House/Pet sitters? We have been using them for over 7 years and it’s been great. Most of the sitters we have are now good friends and repeat sitters! If you are not a member we can send a referral for a discount membership.

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                1. I am not a member of that yet – I continue to hear great things about this group though – send on the referral on IG – that would be great!!

                  Good plan on the Spain location – life is great!!


    1. Ha! I can’t imagine why you didn’t like that border town! Though honestly, I love all of it, border towns and all. Mexico City is a lot of fun to explore. I’d like to go back for longer than a day and a half some time and see some new things. Have a great day AB.

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  3. Thrilled to pieces you are sharing your trip memories in the WP space, Pam! I enjoyed tremendously your intriguing IG posts and look forward to reading about your travels!

    My brother is in Mexico City right now! But for work, so no pics or exciting info from him. I’ve heard (from his previous trips) that it’s a fascinating and welcoming city.

    Love the glimpse you have given us – my absolutely favourite image is the dude sleeping on his motorcycle!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading Ju-lyn! Can u please be my life coach?? Lol you have a way of making people feel outstanding! Do you all have Ted Lasso at home? Very similar πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


      1. You are such a sweetie to say so, Pam! But I have to tell you that I am inspired everytime I visit your IG or WP – you feed the adventuresome in me!

        No, no Ted Lasso, I’m afraid!


  4. Looks fun and I’m hungry now!! I’m currently watching a telenovela filmed in Guanajuato and I really would love to go there. (although some say it’s dangerous, but hey, even Cancun has drug cartel activity these days). I agree, Covid protocols are stricter in Mexico than Colorado. I feel like in an isolated bubble in Boulder. We’re the exception, not the rule in Colorado

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    1. We talked about going to Guanajuato next time, but also hear of safety concerns. Though we do live in the states, so anything could happen at any time here also. sadly. I sure wish it would snow in Boulder! This warm weather is kind of freaking me out. LOL. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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