Lens-Artists Challenge #167 — The Colors of Autumn (in Crested Butte, CO)

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Ohhhh, I’m so happy to report that Amy over at The World is a Book chose the ‘Colors of Autumn’ for this week’s photo challenge. Autumn is my absolute favorite season of the year. Since the summers in Colorado have gotten warmer and warmer over the years, the crisp, cool temps of this time of year are a welcome change.

For the first time in nearly 20 years of living in Colorado, we had the opportunity to spend an Autumn week in our beloved town of Crested Butte, CO. The rustic property where we normally stay, reached out to let us know a cabin opened up during the prime leaf peeping week of the season. So we took it! One good thing about COVID is that I can work anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity.

Our home away from home was this sweet little cabin below. We BBQ’d nearly every night, hung some sweet fairy lights for ambience, built fires and played a TON of cribbage. Of course I had to throw in a token image of our sweet Yogi with his new hairscut.

~There are two times of the year. Autumn and waiting for autumn~ (Instagram)

One of the most beautiful days of the year was spent on the trail below. It’s COVERED in Aspens. So many, I couldn’t stop taking photos. Every time we turned a corner, there was something spectacular to see.

~Be like a tree, and let the dead leaves drop~ (Rumi)

We spent one long afternoon mountain biking. Note to self, when a nearly professional mountain biker tells you about a good trail, don’t listen when he says it’s easy! Only one image was taken that day as I ended up walking my 35 lb bike about 7 miles of a 12 mile “ride”. The legs were so fatigued toward the end, I could hardly lift them off the bike, much less take photos.

The trail was absolutely gorgeous in the trees, very swoopy and chock full of rocks and roots. This is all I got on that brutal day. There was plenty of sweat on the lens so the image is a little fuzzy – you get the jest of it!

~Don’t stop be-leafing~ (Instagram)

At the end of every activity-filled day, this image pretty much sums up how we spent our time – cozied up under blankets in front of a fire (with a glass of wine in hand).

~Stay Cozy~ (Instagram)

Cheers to the best season of the year!

…i choose this…



  1. Thank you for taking us there to enjoy the coloful aspen trees. How wonderful to stay in this lovely cabin, and the sunset view is just stunning! I envy you. Yogi is so sweet!

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  2. Leaves are gorgeous, Yogi is adorable, cabin is cozy, hikes and bike rides look (mostly) lots of fun, but wait ….. did you get a new car?!? Highlander? My twin? OK – I’m all excited about that strange vehicle in front of the cabin, but really, your week away looks amazing!

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    1. I KNOW right? Stunning…we were so lucky to be in the mountains right at peak season. A guy who lives in town said just a few days before, the leaves were all green. I am sure Central Park is pretty sweet. Jumping over to your blog shortly to check it out 🙂


    1. Thanks Sarah! He does love it!! He gets to roam around like he owns the place. There is a creek that runs through the property…at one point he would only drink creek water. lol. Little stinker – but a cute stinker.

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    1. Aiva! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! They are pretty amazing. It’s one of the things I will miss when we leave Colorado (we are moving to Oregon next summer). There will be other dazzling scenes for sure. In fact, I am headed there next week to check it out. I hope ya’ll are doing great!

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      1. Wow, that’s exciting news, Pam. Despite the near constant drizzle, Oregon is lush and wild state perfect for outdoor adventures! And not to mention the scenic coast and being so close to California. Can’t wait to read all about your new life in Oregon 🥰🥰🥰

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  3. This cabin looks absolutely stunning ! Soooo cozy to have a place like that to go hiding on any time of the year ! Great tip !
    Aspen look gorgeous too !
    You can only love Colorado in the fall, it’s absolutely fabulous !
    I remember discovering it this time of the year 8 years ago (already !!) when we first met… 💚💚💚

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  4. Oh my goodness Pam, I’m so glad I stopped by and saw this post – don’t know how I missed it! Spectacular photographs and scenery. Bummer about the “bike-walk” LOL. Here in the south it’s hard to imagine being bundled under the covers by the fire but we still enjoy the wine 😊

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  5. I’m with you Pam. I miss the autumn colours already. Also, “easy” mountain bike trails are only easy to those with experience. They can be fun, but… Thanks for sharing. Allan


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