Exploring Oregon #1 – Cottages, Cabins and Trailers

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Hi everyone, I hope this post finds you doing well. 2021 is flying by so quickly – only a handful of months before the Xmas tree is decorated (October). Also – only 10 (ish) months before we relocate to Central Oregon. We obsess about it every.single.day. It means retirement which equates to a WHOLE lot of exploring on a full-time basis! There is a chance some sort of work will continue, but not for at least a year.

In preparation for the next chapter of life, I’ve been doing a boatload of research. To keep it all straight for the future, I’m bookmarking all of it via a series of “Exploring Oregon” posts. You may find some things that interest you. Who knows, you may be tempted to move to Oregon, or you may think, “Why the heck is she moving there?”

Alright – here goes for the first Oregon post: We love to stay in cabins, cottages, trailers or renovated motels – some of our favorite trips involve lodging off the beaten path. There seems to be loads of options along the coast, really all over the state, some rustic, some a little more high end. There are so many cool spots, it was hard to choose the top 5. Some of these may actually suck. Sometimes it’s hard to tell from a short paragraph and a few Instagram worthy pics. I’ll know soon enough!

Please note, all of the descriptions and photos for the properties have been lifted from the respective accommodations’ websites.

Southern Oregon Coast:

The Oregon Coast is an incredible stretch of beaches and sunsets. Roughly 363 miles of beauty and ruggedness. When I saw this place, it made me think of our favorite spot in Crested Butte. It warms my heart to know we will have something similar in Oregon.

“The five secluded cabins at WildSpring Guest Habitat on Oregon’s Southern Coast are designed with nature therapy in mind. You may feel as if you’re staying on an estate rather than at a hotel, as they are set in a residential forest with sunlight streaking through 100-foot trees. You’ll find hammocks for lounging and a labyrinth in the forest to encourage you to move slowly through the landscape. Each of the cabins is outfitted with plush rugs, vintage furniture and chandeliers, as well as games and jigsaw puzzles for screen-free fun. The largest cabin includes a wood-burning stove, perfect for curling up and keeping cozy during a storm.”

Central Oregon

The exciting part about this option is that it’s essentially in our backyard (down the road in Sisters). It’s near a spa, close to a brewery and some pretty amazing outdoor recreation opportunities. What more could one want?

FivePine Lodge is a unique and one of a kind Central Oregon romantic destination and is so much more than just a hotel. With the personal touch of a bed and breakfast, the privacy of romantic, cozy cabins and all the amenities of a resort, FivePine is the ultimate romantic getaway. The Lodge & Cabins is a Central Oregon destination resort and is conveniently located on the FivePine campus next to Shibui Spa, Three Creeks Brewing, Sisters Movie House and Sisters Athletic Club. The Peterson Ridge trail is only steps away from the FivePine campus and is great for avid mountain bikers and hikers with the Three Sisters Mountains in the backdrop.”

Northern Oregon Coast

One thing I am excited about is exploring all the quaint little towns along the coast. Manzanita looks like a pretty cute option. The beaches look pristine, there are also clamming, crabbing, fishing, paddling, and hiking opportunities galore. Did I mention the sunsets are INCREDIBLE along the coast?

“Less than two hours from Portland, colorful little Manzanita sits by 7 miles of classic Oregon coastline complete with an offshore rocky outcropping. It’s one of the most dog-friendly towns in the area, and your furry friends can stay with you at Coast Cabins. Walk to the beach or into town, hit the spa and enjoy the small-town ambiance. The cabins are Zen-like in design and very comfortable.”

Eastern Oregon

One of my favorite things to do in Colorado is explore the various Wilderness areas. Oregon has quite a few also – 47 to be exact. This particular Lodge is in the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Eastern Oregon. You can only get here if you hike, hop on a horse, or fly into a private grass airstrip. Sounds like an adventure to me! Similar to Colorado, this particular part of Oregon has lakes, mountains and wildflowers. As far as food is concerned, it’s all farm to table on site with some great wine pairings.

“Nestled in the heart of Oregon’s spectacular Eagle Cap Wilderness, the Minam River Lodge offers a unique escape in one of the state’s most beautiful natural areas. This former beloved hunting lodge has been completely rebuilt as a cozy wilderness hideaway, far from civilization or roads. Guests can reach us by a pleasant 8.5-mile hike, a horseback ride that we can help you arrange, or a quick charter flight to our private grass airstrip from the nearby town of Enterprise. Stroll from the Lodge down to the wild and scenic Minam River, which has the rare distinction of being considered nearly pristine. Explore one of the many scenic hiking trails in the area. Glimpse wildlife from bald eagles to Rocky Mountain elk. Or just kick back and enjoy great wilderness cuisine featuring the bounty of our own garden.”

Willamette Valley Wine Country

You all should know by now, I am completely obsessed with airstreams, vintage trailers, etc. Imagine my glee when I came across this gem in the Willamette Valley, smack dab in the middle of the wine country. A place ripe for discovery of delicious new Pinot Noirs, farm to table meals, mountain biking, waterfalls, and more paddling. Water is everywhere in this state!

“The Vintages Trailer Resort, centrally located in Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley, specializes in the quintessential glamping experience. We feature 35 fully restored and custom fabricated trailers complete with outdoor grills and cruiser bikes for maximizing warm summer days. We have a welcoming General Store stocked with artisanal goods and libations, as well as a pool, Club House, and Fireside – a designated area for guests ages 21 and over with fire pits and comfy lounge seating, ideal for sharing wine and stories with fellow travelers.”

Ok, that’s it for the top 5 list. Thinking the vintage trailer park, may have to be our first stop. All I can say is that I am pumped to start exploring. It’s like being a kid on Christmas Eve, only I have 10 months to open the presents. Pure torture.

Cheers to all!

…i choose this…



  1. I’ll bet you’re looking forward to retirement, especially in such a beautiful state. I hope that next chapter of your life will be both a long and fun read.

    But if you want some excitement, have you considered the Portland Balcony Estates? Situated in downtown Portland, over a lounge called the “Molotov Cocktail” you’ll be entertained nightly, as you relax on your balcony, by free displays of peaceful protesters accompanied by a rag-tag mob of torch-bearing rascals who really light the night up. You can even join them and get in on some free merchandise from local merchants. It ain’t like living back-to-nature, but I do understand it’s pretty wild.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So looking forward to it – I think I’m overly obsessed with it though – having a hard time concentrating on my job. HAHA on the commentary around the Portland Balcony Estates. Sounds like a wonderful respite from daily life.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The plan right now is early next summer. Granted, things can change. I had some fits writing this with some of the blocks – made me think of you – lol. So many things to do there. I spoke to a GF the other night who said the wine country is fab. Happens to be where the trailers are.


      1. Love it!! I put mine up usually the second weekend in November. In our apt we don’t have overhead lighting and our tree was up until like July because it provided good lighting 😂😂 we didn’t have ornaments on it at the time, but people couldn’t believe it 😂

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  2. I grew up in the Northwest, but I am particularly partial to the parts on the ocean 😊 However, somewhere right in the middle of nature right now would be so awesome! These all look lovely, maybe even the little trailers (they are very cute).

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  3. Several years ago we visited our friends in Oregon (therefore free accommodations LOL), and we only spent few days along the coast. We loved Oregon, although so much more to explore!
    Happy planning, Pam, exciting times for you😊

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  4. My hand is up as a willing volunteer to help test all these places out! They all look great (thinking I’d go for the vintage trailers first also), so I’ll start nagging J about about our next Oregon trip soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s an amazing feeling. But I need to focus my attention to the present!!! BTW, we canceled our trip to the UK this summer. Too much uncertainty – boo. But, I have tons of United points in my account for next year 😍

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  5. These all look fabulously cool! I’d stay in any of them. But then, I’d have to get to Oregon, I guess. Well, maybe we will. Our one and only trip was terrific, but too short. Thanks for giving me another destination — and lots of places — to consider.


  6. Ah yes. Oregon is so picturesque. Not long before your move. Should be fun to decide what you reeeelallly need for the next chapter. One of my all time favorite hikes is Silver Falls. Its easy but there is something wonderful about walking under numerous waterfalls. make sure you go. Donna

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  7. I like the cabin cottages in the forest or nearby forest as long as it’s safe from wild animals! Good to see your new blog. I am not always online here in WP but I tried to post monthly at least. See you around! Stay safe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi!!! Thanks for the comment! Definitely enjoying the new blog. It’s been fun standing it up. I go through phases of posting. Nice to see you! I hope y’all are doing ok. This summer has been really fun and much needed 😍

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