Breaking the Monotony – Breweries and Stetsons in Austin, TX

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OMG. The monotony of the past 13-14 months finally started to really hit me in January. I feel like I’ve been languishing ever since. The need to mix things up crosses my mind EVERY day (obsessively so) – living in the moment has been a real struggle. Summer is coming which should help.

On a whim, we decided to spend 24 hours in Austin, Texas. We took the flight at the crack of dawn and landed in the gem of Texas by 10:30. Our goal was to hit as many breweries as we could in a 24 hour period. We managed to enjoy 5 – not too bad for 2 middle-aged people who are asleep by 8:30 most nights.

How did we pick from what feels like thousands of breweries in the city? I found a blogger called Big World Small Girl. She has all of them summarized by area of the city. We focused on some of her favorites and loved all of them!

Day 1: We dropped our bags off at the hotel and started walking….for about 11 miles. Mostly because Uber rides for a 2 mile journey cost $25. Um no. It was a beautiful day and we’re young (sort of) and we have our health (mostly)! lol. Here are the highlights:

  • The ABGB – Austin Beer Garden Brewery – On a warm summer night, I can see this place being a super fun place to hang out. They have an unassuming beer garden with lots of picnic tables, live music and some damn good pizza. They have won all sorts of awards for being the brewpub of the year, etc.
Image from Big World Small Girl
  • St Elmo – This was probably one of the quaintest beer gardens of the bunch. It reminded us of some places in Bend, Oregon that we love with small, intimate courtyards. Beer was great too.
  • Nomadic Beerworks – We walked across a freeway overpass to get to this place! Pretty sure that was not our finest decision of the day – damn Uber. It was tucked WAY back on a random street off the feeder road and was a no-frills kind of place. Would we do it again? YES!

Day 2: The e-bikes at the hotel were available first thing in the am, so we took full advantage. I dragged Sean all over downtown Austin and through the University of Texas campus. By 10:00, we had access to our first brewery.

  • Lazarus – Because they open before noon on Sunday, you have to buy food to go along with your brews. The breakfast tacos here are some of the best I have ever had. Truly crave-able. This might have been our favorite beer also – super crisp. As you can see below, lots of people showed up at 10:00 am on a Sunday!
  • Last but not least – Zilker – One block from Lazarus, so it was a no brainer to pay them a visit. Great beer and an awesome food truck with some delicious spicy chicken sandwiches. This location on 6th street in Austin is a great area. Last time I was there with my sis-in law, we found some good shops, restaurants and a great arts and crafts market.

By the time we finished at Zilker, it was time for a nap for Sean. We had ridden close to 20 miles on the bikes, eaten a ridiculous amount of food and had a few strong beers. I dug deep and did some shopping and ended up with a Stetson cowboy hat that is GORGEOUS. When will I wear it? Who knows, maybe only once in my life. For me, it serves as a symbol of the end of monotony from the lovely pandemic.

PS. We are both vaccinated and on a path to some sort of normalcy in 2021.

I sure hope everyone is doing alright and that 2021 is looking up for everyone!

…i choose this…



    1. Well, they do have a TON of breweries! The stampede is definitely on my list one of these days. I had an opportunity to go years ago and didn’t take advantage of it. BOO. Great idea for a hat opportunity!!!

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  1. I’ve spent one night in Austin and always wanted to go back. Thanks for the suggestions. We’ve yet to both be fully vaccinated so your adventure seems like wishful thinking at this point. However… maybe eventually… 🍻

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    1. Oh lord! I hope this happens soon for you and ZD. It was an amazing feeling after the second one. Can you believe it’s May already? That’s crazy! I hope y’all are able to go do something this summer. I can hardly sit still another minute. I was looking at a restaurant menu the other day and saw a pear martini. Made me think of you! Cheers AB!

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  2. Looks and sounds like a fabulous trip. I think we’ve all had enough of being locked down now. Thankfully our restaurant/bar terraces are opening now too. I looked longingly at some guys just whiling away their time (with a beer of course) outside one down in the valley today. That’ll soon be me… 😊🍺🍺

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  3. Were I to love beer as much as you do, I’d love to join you on such a tour ! You always have the best and most original ideas for a quick getaway trip ! 😉 I’ll have to think about the same kind of micro-adventure as we now seem to call these “hop-on hop-off close-by national quick getaways from our daily covid home restricted activities” … but with another goal than beers…

    Being French, that shouldn’t come as a pickle : I’ll choose wine !

    Anyway, that one once again sounds like you both had a lot of fun and made do with quite a tricky situation ! Cheers to saying goodbye to monotony and to a safer, freer 2021 !

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    1. I love the term micro adventure! We did have a great time. Oh, and I’m SURE, you’ll come up with something amazing. You always do!! Would love to explore some French vineyards with you some time 🤩🤩🤩

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    1. Oh, thank you! You are going in a week or so right? Yes, give these a go. Also, the link has some other good suggestions. I think she works hard to keep everything up to date. Have a great time!!!


    1. You would absolutely love it, MB. It’s a fun place to explore. 24 hours was actually a good amount of time. When we landed back in Denver, it literally felt like we had been gone for a week. Lol Have a wonderful weekend lady!!

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  4. LOL Pam – we have good friends in Austin and have visited several times. It’s a great town with lots of kick-butt shops and restaurants. I must admit tho (sorry) we are not really beer drinkers. (actually it goes back to my freshman year of college and a story that resulted from one too many brews but that’s a story for another day 😂) Give us a good vineyard/wine tasting tho and look out! Glad you had fun and got out of the pandemic doldrums. Like you, we are now vaccinated and life is returning to something closer to normal. Hurrah!

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  5. Kind of hard to beat a day of brewpub hopping in Austin— or anywhere as far as that goest — to celebrate the beginning of the end of pandemic, Pam. 🙂 No wonder you have that big smile on your face! –Curt

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      1. We’re doing better than most, Pam. We have a small RV that we consider our second home— in fact we lived and traveled in it for four years. So we were able to escape and stay home at the same time, which we did. A lot. 🙂 –Curt

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  6. Austin looks like the place to go for great little breweries. They all look so full of character and well worth a visit. A few beers, some food then a nap sounds perfect. Need to see you in that cowboy hat now Pam.

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    1. How are y’all??? I need to read the blog and find out what’s been happening! I hope all is well 😎. Brewery hopping is one of my favorite pastimes. This is the first time I’ve planned a trip around it. Super fun.

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  7. Wait, am I missing something? Where’s the picture of you in your new Stetson? This adventure is so relatable. We also went to Austin on the spur of a moment since we are within 3 hours driving. We didn’t have as big of an adventure, but we had a great lunch, saw lots of wildflowers along the way and got the hell out of our house. Cheers!


  8. I was following you I am sure, but somehow you dropped out of my feed – hopefully rectified now! I’m glad you managed this short break. I know exactly what you mean about monotony as I felt just the same all through the winter and early spring. Things have partially opened up here now so at least we can have our days out in London and we managed a trip up to Newcastle to see family and friends last week. But I yearn for more adventure!!

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