Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #125 – You Pick It!

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So, for this weeks photo challenge from Tina, we were asked to pick a topic we find interesting or near and dear to our heart. I struggled to find an idea until Sean and I walked Yogi for his after dinner poop.

One of the many things I love about the holidays, are the lights folks put up to illuminate their homes. It feels like there are so many more decorations than any other year we have lived in this hood. It’s magnificent!

Some of my most favorite childhood memories involve my dad and driving around looking at Christmas lights. It’s one of 2 things we did together consistently every year until I went to college. Sadly, he passed away my junior year of college so our tradition was cut short.

This post is for my pops! I have only one photo to share, but I think it is a good representation for our challenge. Our neighborhood spirit would make him proud!

“Dear Santa, I’ve been good all year.  Most of the time. Once in awhile. Nevermind, I’ll buy my own stuff.”

…i choose this…



  1. Good choice, great photo. I used to do the same sort of Christmas light drive for my kids. I still enjoy seeing light displays so this time of year I change my running routine to switch out morning runs for evening runs.

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  2. Love to see this cheerful neighborhood and its lights! I miss driving around with my mom and dad, and later with our kids … maybe I’ll load everyone up this year and drive through YOUR neighborhood! 🙂

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          1. Nah I got it a couple weeks before Thanksgiving but was still sick enough that I could only eat soup and crackers haha. My prime suspect is a skirt steak from a restaurant nearby that I had. But there’s no way to really know!

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  3. Pam, your post made me so sad to think of your dad passing away so young. The annual family “pile in the car” to go see the lights was a treasured tradition in our home as well. I have 4 brothers so they, my mom and dad and I all piled into the family wagon and drove in and out of the many streets in our small town. Your post brought those memories roaring back, so thank you so much for that. I loved the nostalgic trip down memory lane.

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    1. Aww thanks Tina! I am almost his age at his time of passing…I still feel young (most of the time) – super sad. I can picture tutu scene! Who got the very back of the wagon?? Best seat in the house! Happy holidays to you all!


      1. Yes, on my next birthday I’ll be older than both my mom and my dad when they passed, both very young but not as young as your dad. They would be happy to know how we treasure the fond memories of the early days. As for the wagon, my brothers claimed it I’m afraid. 4 vs 1, what could I do?! Happy holidays to you too.

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  4. I have always been impressed by how much into Christmas decoration you Americans are – and every other holiday, for that matter. I don’t think I have ever seen such profusion of Christmas lights in our neighborhoods in France – or maybe just not where I live; I bet it’s very much different in Alsace near the border with Germany, where they have Chirstmas villages weekends all over the month of December (outside of the COVID era).

    It sure is pretty endearing to walk around your neighborhood and see so many lights. Lightens up the heart.


  5. I love this tribute to your father, Pam. It must be such a bitter-sweet memory, remembering him and wishing he was still here with you. I love the idea of bringing light into the winter darkness. The light display is lovely.

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  6. Lovely – and a fine tribute to your father, Pam. I think this year people really need LIGHT – I have never seen so many Christmas decoration in my little village before. Eve I bought a 75 meter light chain!

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