Adult Summer Camp – Austin, TX

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When a vacation starts with your friend getting stuck in an elevator, you just aren’t sure how things are going to go from there!!! Thank god she is so cool and has a tremendous amount of patience. She was in there for 10 minutes and laughed her way through it….THAT was the indicator the trip was going to be like no-other :-).

I don’t know how many of you were able to go to summer camp when you were a kid. My parents didn’t have much, but I was able to go for 10 days at a time to place outside of Dallas, called “Camp Grady Spruce”. I always envied those who got to go for the entire summer. Camp days were some of the best in life outside of my freshman year of college.

I was able to experience all kinds of fun activities, like canoeing… BFF and I would just go around in circles in our canoe – no clue why we couldn’t figure out the rhythm, but we didn’t, and laughed hysterically about it. I also recall being by ourselves the entire time too – those were the days of ‘dangerous’ independence from adults. It was blissful to an 11 year old and guess what? We survived.

Fast forward 40+ years to an adult-like summer camp experience, otherwise known as, a spa on a lake. It’s been on my bucket list for 20 years….in the meantime, I have spent years hiking in remote areas, pooping in pit toilets, and pushing just about every mental and physical envelope out there. For the first time in my life, I chose a relaxing vacation – on purpose.

Thank you COVID – I must give credit where credit is due.

One of the greatest gifts in life are the friends who are up for anything, no matter what you throw at em. I texted AB and asked if she would be interested in the Lake Austin Spa (outside of Austin, TX) for a long weekend….no joke, we had the entire trip booked within 15 minutes, rooms, airfare – all of it.

After weeks of time moving at what felt like a snailโ€™s pace, we FINALLY got to our destination….the only difference between this trip and Camp Grady Spruce was the price, spa treatments, hot-tubs and availability of wine – ok maybe the food was a little better too. There were kayaks, SUP’s, ski boats, pools, hiking trails, fire pits, s’mores and all kinds of cool places to hang out on the lake.

All the things.

I won’t go into the minutiae, but the weekend was incredible. Between clean eating, empathetic, loving, open conversations, good sleep and a reasonable amount of exercise, I am going home with a full heart. Between, this and the outcome of the US presidential election – life is AMAZING at this very moment.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow? I can’t worry about it. I won’t worry about it.

If you have the opportunity, take some time for yourself and a loved one or a friend, I PROMISE you will come back feeling like an amazing human. If it’s not a spa, go do something you have been putting off. I personally didn’t find airports/planes too crazy. People are pretty good at social distancing, and we didnโ€™t encounter massive crowds anywhere we went, including downtown Austin.

Although my spa treatments didn’t come close to eliminating my fine lines and wrinkles, the whole experience has kicked started a strong desire to be conscious of food choices and a few other healthy habits. One of them being more exercise – the hot summer was demotivating. In fact, I have a skateboard waiting for me at home to add an exciting new way to get outside. I am sure my neighbors will get a good kick out of it…I hope they do. Maybe I will shock everyone and get out there in a prom dress and scoot around the hood.

…i choose this….



  1. This looks like a beautiful place to take a vacation. I’m glad that despite the pandemic you were able to go somewhere that satisfied your travel lust– and reminded you of your happy childhood days. Sounds like a win-win to me.

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  2. Wow, looks like a great spot to relax! After three years of traveling and sleeping in a campervan, I am so ready to go on a SPA break where I don’t need to cringe about cold water showers. I’m glad to hear you had a great time. Thanks for sharing and have a good day ๐Ÿ˜€ Aiva

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    1. YOU deserve SPA retreat sister! I don’t do well with the cold water showers – UGHHHH. I can go for a decent amount of time without bathing, but in then end, I need hot water. Holidays are coming up, hope you all are planning some good family stuff :-).

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      1. At the moment, we are in a very strict level five lockdown again and all we really want for Christmas is to be able to see our family and friends. Everything else would be just a bonus. Three more weeks to go ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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  3. I’ll take any kind of adult camp! Spa-type or sleep on a hard bed in a cabin type! I just want all those old camp activities again. God, I loved camp; like you, I remember camp days as among the best ever. Did I ever tell you K’s wedding will (hopefully) be at what is basically a giant camp (albeit more upscale)? It better not get moved again because now I really wanna go to camp! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your weekend looks awesome.

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    1. You would would have LOVED it. In Dripping Springs??? It landed on one of the best towns to visit. We had an awesome time….it exceeded all expectations. If I go again, I may want to have a car to do some exploring in the area. May be a good place to buy a home ;-).


  4. I once started a vacation in Puerto Rico stuck in a hotel elevator. Sort of funny, sort of scary. It took a long time to get the ‘guy’ to come and spring me. The concept of adult camp sounds blissful. I’d probably want to go on something running focused, but then to get massages, great food, etc would be heaven. On my bucket list now.

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    1. I like your idea of doing something running focused – those HAVE to be out there….add some mountain biking and it would be a perfect trip for you. Glad you were safely sprung from the elevator – funny visual there.


      1. HI pam, I’m doing okay, thanks, and hope that you are as well. Probably not going to volunteer in that capacity right now. Have some complicating home issues that limit my availability. Be careful in the house–lots of unanticipated obstacles!

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  5. That sounds like an amazing place! We have spas over here but I’m not sure any are quite like that. They tend to be in hotels so outside activities are limited to walks in the grounds and maybe golf or tennis, not fun stuff on a lake!


    1. Agreed! It is so rare to find one on a lake! The outside component elevated the experience for sure…though I would not turn down an opportunity for a spa experience in London, with some good shopping right outside the door ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. oops, don’t know if my comment went up (don’t hesitate in deleting it if it pops up twice)…
    As I was saying, I love your idea, Pam! I did just so too (without the spa treatments, but we usually do) with one of my best friends last month for my birthday as we couldn’t get together with people for a bigger party. The 2 of us went up in the mountains for hiking, good food and chick flicks! It was awesome! We found a great place to go back to at other times.
    (good timing too, as France went back into lockdown 1 week later…)

    Loved your pictures, too, of course, as usual!
    Enjoy this new period of 2020!

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    1. I remember a post about a gorgeous spa! Chick time is good time – ALWAYS. Things are looking up, slowly but surely…minus the potential shut-down. I feel like if it happens again, mentally, we will be better prepared. 3 more weeks for you all! Hugs sista!

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  7. Your photos say everything, such an amazing time you’ve had! I love your idea to go skateboarding in a prom dress๐Ÿ™‚. It is funny, I was thinking the other day to go hiking in a casual dress; with the working from home days, I’ve never had a chance to wear a dress, although I can do it anytime LOL
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thanks Christie! It’s soo nice to hear from you! I did get out an practice on the board. It’s a little different then it was when I was 11, that’s for sure. LOL. I think hiking in a dress is a great idea! You have a great weekend as well!!

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  8. This sounds like heaven!!! I was at my favourite masseuse a few weeks agoโ€”the first time since pre-covid and that was darn awesome…but a few days of total pampering and laughs with a good friend…wow, perfectly dreamy!
    Love that you are skateboarding !


  9. My good friend’s daughter lives in Austin and they go to that spa every year. She cannot say enough good things about it and it seems you’re verifying her praises! Glad you got to enjoy such a perfect getaway Pam.

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  10. I ride my bicycle by that Live a Great Story pole here in Austin often. Haven’t had the budget for the spa, though. I enjoyed your trip vicariously. Glad you enjoyed it and ostensibly stayed healthy. Nice pictures, too. I spent summers in Boy Scout camps around D/FW. For those wanting a not great but nostalgic summer camp movie, see Indian Summer. Thanks for the visit to my blog as well.

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    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment! That pole brought my friend and I some joy that day. I love finding things like that. Iโ€™ll check out Indian Summer! Thanks for the rec. Anything uplifting right now is appreciated. Have an awesome day in your bike – jealous you get to ride so much.


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