Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #121 – Focus on the Subject

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This week Patti encourages us to ‘Focus on the Subject’ using different types of techniques. I basically have a favorite which is the use of leading lines. They lead our eyes through the photograph, sometimes to a particular subject, other times to many subjects – depends on what catches your eye.

Colorado has recently suffered from traumatic fires. It’s been horrendously sad on many levels. The skies have been so smokey, playing outside has not been ideal. The images below were taken before the fires started in our County and a few days after a much needed snow-storm blew through town.

“The sun shines brightest from the peaks of mountains.” – We Dream of Travel

One of the great things about 2020, is that we hatched a retirement plan to live in Oregon. The image below is from a recent visit to the area. I was lucky enough to witness the dusting of snow in a magnificent Ponderosa Pine forest.

“The best part of happiness is the pines” – Terri Guillemets

And last, on a recent road trip through Utah, I took this snap as we were leaving our sweet glamping spot. We LOVE, the desert – can’t ever seem to get enough.

“What draws us into the desert is the search for something intimate in the remote” – Edward Abbey

As you can see, leading lines is a technique I love and frequently use!

…i choose this…



        1. well crap! we will be two ships passing in the night. We do want to rent out our house for the first year while we are living in OR. that may be an option before you buy! super close to your sons place too. Just a thought. 🙂

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  1. Wonderful examples of leading lines Pam – I see you really DO love them (as do I!). Yes the fires were horrific, thank goodness for the snowfall. We love both Oregon and Colorado and have vacationed extensively in both places. I’m not one for cold though so we always return home to the south. Loved your Utah image especially

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    1. Thanks Tina! Totally understand the aversion to the cold. We will probably spend some time in AZ during the winter. Glad you love Oregon too – brings some further validation it is a beautiful place 🙂


      1. Have you read Britt Skrabanek’s take on living in Oregon? Maybe living there while working and planning to live there during retirement are alltogether different but I’m sure you’ll love her insight.

        By the way, she’s running the Love Your Enthusiasm podcast where she invites writers, adventurers, creators to have a chat with her on what makes them tick. I’m suuuuure you’d be a wonderful guest! Listen to some episodes! You can contact her directly via her contact form on the podcast website http://www.loveyourenthusiasm.com

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        1. I just read one of her posts about moving to Wisconsin! She’s a talented writer. I totally understand her viewpoint. The west coast is getting awfully expensive. As is Colorado. They are probably similar on cost of living. Ugh. I listened to your lovely podcast and Ra Avis’s the other day. She’s a great interviewer :-).

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    1. Thanks!! I’m glad these had a good effect in you. It’s been a long time since I have focused on photography. I think this challenge made me realize I need to expand my range. I have mastered the leading lines, but maybe I should master something else ;-).

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      1. Perhaps – because yes we can master other areas – but somewhere along the way we also stay alert for what becomes part of our signature style – and what we gravitate towards and then uniquely capture with photos starts to become our essence and part of our unique identity – not sure if the idea is coming out right – but I guess I think of Andel adams – my friend Donna had some of his prints hanging in her house in 1994 – and sometimes I’d gaze at them – anyhow – his signature mountain-scapes come to mind now – and maybe he honed that angle because he did nkt keep going for variety or the next idea?
        My point is – find a new thing to master if your heart is leading – but if you are not tired of leading lines – keep grabbing captures of them and let it move into the playful and signature essence category that comes after mastery is achieved
        -and in your case – because you travel so much – there are some leading lines many folks will
        Never see and it might be very valuable to keep sharing them –


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        1. I totally get it and great points. I appreciate the support too. I do enjoy sharing things others may never see. And you are right, Ansel Adams definitely had a style he stuck with. I have a friend who has many of his photographs that are INCREDIBLE. I never tire of leading lines, my eyes go straight there! Thank you sooo very much for the perspective ❣️

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    1. Thanks lady! I appreciate the comments. The desert….so wonderful – we will probably spend a few months there every year to escape winter. Leaving the pine trees may be hard. Everything is a give and take isn’t it?

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