Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #116 – Symmetry

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How on earth has it been so long since I have participated in one of these Lens Artists Challenges??? Jeez, the summer just flew by.

For this week’s challenge Patti asked us to focus on images that represent symmetry: Vertical, Radial and Horizontal. Knowing me, I may have missed the boat on this challenge. These images are however, some of my favorites from the summer.

Spray paint cans in a box – all the same shape and organized symmetrically.

The image below was recently taken at an art festival in downtown Denver. I have seen umbrella displays in other places and was ecstatic to see this in our town! The umbrellas divide the image in half, representing an example of vertical symmetry.

The bridge below adds symmetry to the image. When I was a young girl, my friends and I would say, “How on earth does his wife let him out of the house with black socks? I will NEVER let my husband walk out the door in black socks.” Never say never, sigh.

The road below divides the trees right down the middle! The road also creates a leading line to take your eyes to the end of the road.

Grateful for the challenge today and the opportunity to participate!

…i choose this…



  1. Excellent choices for the challenge this week! I’m especially drawn to the umbrellas having seen them in a couple of cities and finding them happy and colorful! Best wishes for finding symmetry in your life — a little balance seems to be a good thing. But also asymmetrical like is good every now and then!

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  2. Beautiful photos- hard to pick a favorite but if I had to, I love the one with umbrellas. Something magical and whimsical πŸ˜„. I think you scored a A+ with these efforts. Who would think – spray paint cans. Gotta love it!

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  3. Great examples of symmetry, Pam. You have me laughing about the “husband with black socks.” I’ve thought the same thing!! I love those umbrellas. Beautiful! And your nature shots are very inviting. And I love those paint cans, too! Glad you had a great summer and now you can share your photos with us.

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    1. hahaha Patti!!! Thanks for the comments on the photos too – I appreciate it! The summer has been soo much fun, with all things considered. After I stopped crying about the canceled plans, we made the most of Colorado which is, as you know, a pretty sweet place. Cheers to you! Have a great weekend!

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  4. Some excellent examples Pam – Of course I love the umbrellas – and you have indeed composed the image perfectly with them running through the middle! LOL for the black socks. Where would they be if we didn’t dress them??!?!?

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      1. We actually had our big election finished already with no hassles. Very quiet as usual haha! The PM Jacinta Ardern gets her 2nd term coz she win the people over the covid issue. We are enjoying our freedom and back to normal life though we are still cautious.

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