Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #107 – Winter

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Ann-Christine challenged us to think about winter. When I first reflected on this topic, I thought UGH – winter already? But then realized, I do have an appreciation for the season – it means cozy flannel sheets and a Christmas tree that twinkles for MONTHS. The snow-capped mountains near my town are pretty spectacular also.

We can get out and hike in t-shirts, even when there is snow on the ground….

We drive to the mountains every now and then for a snowshoe or a ski. There is nothing like a snow-capped mountain to generate gratitude.

The weather in Colorado is a little schizo….it snows all winter, then Spring comes, then it’s back to winter in May. This image was from the last big, heavy, wet snow we had this past Spring. I am pretty sure I cried that day, only because the Vid was in full force and was feeling like a trapped animal. I couldn’t stomach going outside in the bitter cold when my soul was seeking warmth. Sure was pretty though.

Winter is Yogi-bear’s favorite season – he loves to run around in the snow and dig for a tasty morsel of rabbit poop.

We also plan grand adventures to mountain huts or yurts. Many of us don’t ski, so snowshoes are the transportation of choice in the backcountry.

Thanks to AC, I am actually jazzed about winter coming! I’d say, we have a lot to look forward to.

…i choose this…



      1. How about fall weather instead of winter. Our fall stretches out until at least thanksgiving and last year winter never came which is really odd for Pennsylvania. I’d welcome that again even though it portends the climate apocalypse.

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  1. O my goodness, so many winter and snow photos, amazing. Having been brought up in a country with proper winters and lots of snow, it’s one of the things I miss the most from Latvia. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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  2. My favorite thing about Colorado winters is that I can visit them at my brother’s home whenever I want but I don’t have to stay and endure them for any length of time! Last year we had a beautiful snowfall there at Thanksgiving. I took tons of photos walking around the top of the mountain where he lives and loved every moment. I also loved coming home to my warm winter in the 50s and 60s with bright sunshine :-). Loved your images. That hiking in snow and t-shirts is marvelous and your little pup’s snow-covered face is priceless!

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          1. We have a 10 mile hike planned up at Rocky Mountain national Park…Steve and my son are going to do some golfing at some point…check trails out near Boulder…I’m going to take Steve to the airport Sunday night and then I’m staying a couple more days and driving back Wednesday or Whenever!! Lol!!


  3. Hi Pam such fun photos of Yogi-bear. As for the rest of the amazing photos I would like to join one of those winter hikes. Looks amazing. My post is actually a scaled down version of such a hike


  4. You live in a perfect place for winter sports, Pam. That’s great that you’re looking forward to the cold. I’m less than excited, but I think I should take up snow shoeing and cross country again this winter, now that we moved back to NH. I especially enjoyed the images of your dog with the snow “beard.” Wonderful!

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    1. Thanks Patti! Year round sports opps are definitely key here. I love CO for this reason. Yes! You should re-kindle your relationship with Snow Shoeing and cross country – so much fun. Yogi, we love him sooo much 🙂


  5. In spite of the whining I do about snow, I really do like all the seasons – even winter. I just wish we had less of it. It does tend to overstay its welcome by a couple of months.

    Your photos paint a pretty scene. I would love to see Colorado some day – in any season 🙂

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  6. Beautiful photos, Pam. Just the cure for ll of the hot weather we have been facing in our trip around the US. That second photo of Yogi-Bear is definitely the winner, however. I’ve been on winter ski treks in Alaska and the Sierras. Beautiful, but it can get cold! –Curt

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    1. Thank you!! Yes, our snow is super soft here in Colorado. I am not a fan of slippery surfaces, especially in winter!! I fell in our driveway once and hit my head on pavement…also think I had a cracked tailbone for at least a year! BOO

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