Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #93: Morning

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The truly wonderful Ann Christine, at To See a World in a Grain of Sand… asked us to share a special morning. These days, most mornings are pretty unremarkable, however, this morning was a little different :-). I filled it with favorites.

Anyone who follows this blog, knows being outdoors is one of my greatest passions in life. This ‘vid’ thing has put such a huge damper on my outdoor activities – camping in particular.

One of the reasons we picked our house, is because the backyard makes us feel as though we are in the woods with a few extra accoutrements. A fire-pit to keep warm, a little water feature that sounds like a babbling brook, and tons of greenery. It’s a stretch, but when the bushes and trees leaf, it feels like you are in the woods. It’s our own personal oasis.

Last night, we decided NOT to hold back on passions and pitched a tent in the backyard. I know some of the neighbors will hate it, but it can’t be worse then putting up the Christmas tree in October!

Here’s a glimpse into the whole event – it was so.much.fun.

Sean demonstrating the setup!

Overnight temps were in the 40’s. We kept warm with our 15 lb YnM weighted blanket – tricked out with super heroes. If you haven’t tried these blankets, they are amazing. I’m not sure I can sleep without one again. It was nice waking up wrapped in this snugly blanket.

We slept like babies. Every time I woke up to check on Yogi, he was on his back in his dog bed. This morning around 5:00, he and Sean abandoned me after a pee break. Around 6:30, I got the dreaded wake-up call, from someone demanding breakfast.

4 legged alarm clock

After hanging in the tent playing Words with Friends on my phone, it was time to get up and enjoy some coffee. There was a definite chill in the air! Nothing new about this morning coffee, but this camping set up allows me to use my favorite mugs. Much to Sean’s dismay, I collect Starbucks coffee mugs wherever we travel. They are some of my favorite things. This morning I chose to go to Malaysia! All I can think about are the Orangutans, leeches, and good friends I collected along the way.

After much coffee was consumed, we took our sweet pup on a long walk through the hood. Beautiful day – blue skies and snow-capped mountains in the distance.

All in all, it was a most awesome morning! It will set the mood for the rest of the day. It was nice to mix it up a bit and recharge my soul with something I LOVE – camping with my boys.

….i choose this…



  1. What a treat! Well, you do have a marvelous house there, and snow capped mountains in the morning too! I’d love one of those blankets right now…never heard of them before. And when reality needs a twist, you are ready to fix it. A remarkable woman you are, Pam!

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    1. Oh, the blankets – they weigh 15 lobs… the weight of the blanket helps relieve anxiety and a few other things. I have been sleeping so much better with it. It’s weird at first, but after a couple of nights – lovely. They are not the most beautiful, but, love the super hero pattern – makes me smile. Not sure about remarkable, but I’ll take the compliment – thanks AC – hugs to you. Loved the challenge this week – inspired me to do something a little different!


    1. Ah thanks Alanna – he’s a labradoodle. We call him a junk yard dog right now – his hair is getting long. As soon as restrictions let up, he’ll get a summer cut. We will do whatever we have to, to pretend things are normal by camping in the backyard. haha.


  2. I love what you did with your backyard to make it feel outdoorsy. I think changing things up is not only good for our brains, but in a time of severe restrictions, it’s good for our soul.

    I love it that you get a Starbucks mug wherever you go – they are good mugs! My daughter used to work there and she once got me some mugs around Christmas that I adored because the shape and size were perfect.

    Good for you for creating a camping experience in your own backyard.

    Susan Grace

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  3. Oooh. Backyard camping sounds like a nice distraction. I wonder if I could convice my kids to do that still. Of course Eli wouldn’t make it to bed until he got off his PS4 at midnight. My kids are turning into vampires,

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    1. It would be fun if he could have a friend over to do it with him. He could set up his tent 6 feet from the other. Not sure what you all are doing in that regard. Yesterday, there were 20 (ish) kids playing in the park together. We got wild on Saturday night and stayed up watching Ozark till 1:00. I haven’t done that since 2014.


  4. You know how to live! We no longer have a tent , and now I know this must be remedied. It’s getting a tad warm here for that, but I am inspired. I am in awe of your morning in every way!

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    1. We need to change that woman! You all could sleep out on that sweet patio you have. I can’t remember if you have a TV out there, but if not, you could get a projector and project movies out there. All with wine in hand of course :-). We’ll go camping this summer when you re here. I have extra tents and gear. whoop!

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  5. What a magical backyard!!! It seems out from a movie 😍
    But I wondered… why did you say some of the neighbors will hate it?? First, is it any of their business? And why would anyone hate this tiny little cute tent??

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  6. HA HA Ha Ha ha! Superb! Don’t you wish you could take that campfire with you! I have a Starbucks mug from Hawaii. My mug is bigger than your mug! πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    1. I know right?? They have gas fire pits you can car camp with, that I THINK are allowed even with travel bans. I need to do more research on this. I too have one from Hawaii – it’s one of my faves!! Hope all is well John!


  7. I enjoyed your whole post, but when I saw the mug I thought, “We’re kindred spirits!” I’ve been collecting thermal Starbucks mugs for about 10 years now. Not all cities have them, so some are country mugs. But they are fun to use. I honestly don’t know how many mugs one person needs, but it’s fun to travel and bring home something to line up and look at. And, yes, I’m pretty odd, I suppose!

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  8. How fun to have this adventure. My hubs would really support your choice- he sometimes brings his camping hammock to use when he visits his brother – and he sets it up outside – so you all have that nature love in common.
    I have heard about the physiological perks nd nervous system benefits of a weighted blanket – and we have a heavy duty quilt to add top of our other covers – not weighted officially but heavy duty and is nice.
    I am curious about the brand you mentioned here – and when we camp we use the down sleeping bags – but I bet a weighted blanket on top is awesome


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