Lens Artists #86 – Change Your Perspective

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This week we were challenged by Patti to demonstrate different perspectives when shooting photographs. The images below are different techniques I think about when I have a camera in hand. Looking forward to seeing other perspectives on Patti’s Pilot Fish Blog. Enjoy!

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
Aaron Siskind

Yogi doesn’t particularly love it, but I sometimes like to get right in his face when I take his photo. I get a different perspective of what he might be thinking! Here, I think he just wants me to leave him alone. lol. His head is resting on his favorite pillow which adds texture to the image.

Flowers are some of my favorite subjects (outside of Yogi). I’m drawn to the color and softness of their petals. I generally like to shoot them from directly above and in bunches. The layering of these flowers gives a nice depth to the image. I have posted these before, but I can’t get enough of them!

I love, love reflections. So, any time I see a very still lake, blue sky and a bunch of clouds – I know there is an opportunity for something beautiful. This was taken today at Sloan’s Lake in Denver. I probably needed to crop this a bit; the colors have not been edited.

Every now and then, an interesting subject “lands” in the middle of the image. The green umbrella below caught my eye and added some beautiful color to a very rustic dwelling in the background. This sweet Laotian girl is on her way to school.

Sometimes the main subject of an image is so vast, it’s nice to include people or another object to show scale. This waterfall below is Hanakapiai Falls in Kauai, Hawaii. The hike to get here is rocky and SLICK, but oh so worth the effort!

Depth of Field can create a beautiful shot. The focus of the image below is the butterfly, with the background blurred. It looks like I’m in some exotic place, but it was actually taken from the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver.

Photography brings a ton of joy to my life! And so do these challenges!

Thank you Amy, Patti, Tina and Ann Christine – always 🙂

…..i choose this…..



  1. I had to say yet again that a photo of Yogi was my favourite. If I had a dog so cute I wouldn’t be able to put my camera down. Fantastic collection of beautiful photos, Pam. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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  2. Ah, always a treat to come here, Pam! Yogiiiiiiii such a sweetie, and we share the love of flowers and reflections too. Your last one I recognize – and it is a stunner. Glad you printed the pink flowers for cards. I never seem to get around to that…The girl on the bicycle gives my heart joy.

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  3. Excellent photos and variety. Well-thought. I’m always up for a Yogi-shot. You caught Sloan’s Lake on a very good day. Superb reflection. I lived near there for awhile in the previous century.

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  4. Ohhh….such an amazing collection, Pam!! I always love to consider perspective when I’m photographing. I wish my pup would let me get up close and takes shots of him. Perhaps I should make some attempts when he’s sleeping. lol. Yogi is so precious! The colors of those flowers are so vibrant. You should definitely think about printing it. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Amy!!! He usually doesn’t look me in the face! I think he’s just getting old and tired – haha. I need to print a few, I should put it on my to do list and get it done! Have a great week girl!

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  5. Hi, Pam. These are great shots and great perspectives. A fabulous collection. Not surprisingly, one of my favorites is Yogi. Your shot is a great perspective to show his wonderful face. Another favorite is your flower shot. Well done!

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  6. Loved your post this week Pam – several of the images are really outstanding. Of course your opening image with the crazy person adding to the shot 🙂 and adorable Yogi. Adding his hairy pillow to the shot really enhances it. Great job. BTW, somehow I deleted your comment on my post so my apologies on that. Couldn’t seem to get it back.

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  7. Great photos Pam! I totally agree that sometimes you need the inclusion of people to show scale. Love that waterfall and have heard such great things about hiking in Kauai. Can you believe I’ve never been to Hawaii!

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  8. All these pictures shown here are absolutely amazing, each in its own special way. I really like the one with the reflections while Yogi looks like a charming soft teddy bear that I would love cuddle with. 🐾🐾🐕💖 The waterfall is stunning and the last one so beautiful!!

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