Lens-Artists Challenge #85 – Treasure Hunt

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For this week’s Lens Artist Challenge from Tina, we’re going on a Treasure Hunt! The challenge is to search for specific items – either from our archives or newly captured – from the lists below. Thank you Tina for the fun challenge!! I picked some of my favorites all attached with great memories :-). Feeling grateful today:

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”Zig Ziglar

  • Challenge Items: Sunrise and/or sunset (Coast of Oregon, USA), Something cold and/or hot, a bird, a dog (Our Sweet baby boy, Yogi – ready to attend a funeral, a wedding or go to work – you pick), a funny sign, a bicycle, a seascape and/or mountain landscape (A rare sighting of Mt McKinley in Alaska, USA), a rainbow, a church (A church in Puebla, Mexico), a musical instrument, a boat, a plane, a waterfall
  • Extra Credit Items:  An expressive portrait of one or more people (Mother/Daughters in Bhutan), a very unusual place (Leech sox and the Danum Valley in Borneo, Malaysia), knitting or sewing, a fish (“Nemo” and friends in Borneo, Malaysia), an animal you don’t normally see (Starfish (my fave “animal” in Gustavus, Alaska), a bucket, a hammer, a street performer, a double rainbow, multiple challenge items in a single image. 

….i choose this…..



    1. Thanks lady! Yeah, this is one of my favorites as well. I have it hanging in my office. The little girl was out playing and apparently was late for something – dinner maybe. The mom had to march out and drag her back home! I could so relate to this situation!!

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  1. Wonderful post Pam – you had a great treasure hunt, thanks so much for getting into the spirit of the challenge. Of course Yogi is the star, wherever did you get that tie?!?!?! I also really loved your starfish and McKinley (which was fogged in completely the entire week we were there 😡. Not that I’m not grateful for the fantastic Alaska visit overall mind you LOL).

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    1. Thanks T! We were super lucky in Alaska – it poured rain the night before (we were camping), got up the next day and voila – there it was. Yogi IS A STAR!! Such a sweet boy – his tie is courtesy of his hair salon ;-). Have you been to Gustavus before?? It’s a cool little Alaskan town – the tide there is insane – we found a bunch of starfish at low tide – it was unreal how many there were. Appreciate your support as usual :-).

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        1. ah….ok here is what I do: I write my post – add a link to Tina’s website, for example on her name. I publish the post, then click on the link I created on my post sending me to her site. This usually posts the pingback on Tina’s page. I hope this helps!


  2. The sea star was a nice photo to have as your featured photo and then again on the post – a strong photo to see twice- ha
    I once caught a sea star while fishing at dusk in Florida (near Ft Lauderdale)
    It wrapped around my hook and was heavy to pull in – I sent it back in once it unfolded on the sand

    And read the story about the mother and girl in comment section – wonderful photo –

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  3. A treasure hunt! How fun!! I love all your many great “finds”, Pam! Yogi’s eyes are just adorable! The under the sea photos are just fabulous! It reminds me of snorkeling in Aruba. 🙂

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