Lens-Artists Challenge #84 – Narrow

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This weeks photo challenge is “Narrow”. I agree with Amy at The World is a Book “Travel has taught me that once we go through a narrow path, alley, and/or road with a little patience, at the end it always opens up to pleasant surprises.”

Narrow paths often teach us life lessons and bring indescribable adventures. Take a look at the selections below – each has it’s own story representing “Narrow”.

I’m not sure this experience qualifies as pleasant, but it sure was unforgettable!! I once went snowshoeing with some girlfriends who happen to be badass mountaineers. They took me up a 13 er (13,000 foot peak) in Colorado – some place close to Copper Mountain. We carved out this narrow path to the top. All I can say, is that I was scared shitless and cried almost the entire time. Mostly because one of my snowshoes kept coming loose and I felt a tumble down the mountain was inevitable – it was the last time they invited me to do such a thing. LOL. This narrow path challenged me physically and mentally – and lived to tell about it. Not sure why I get so scared sometimes, but I do.

Several years ago, I went through a fairly significant breakup. The one thing always guaranteed to cheer me up is a road trip. So, I flew to Laguna Beach, California to spend time with family and then drove North up the coast, eventually landing in Portland, Oregon. One of my goals was to drive a car through the narrow opening of a redwood tree. My rental was too big to do it without damage to the tree so I had these two ladies take this photo. Even though this was a troubling time, and this narrow opening was a bit too narrow to fulfill a dream, the plan was slightly modified and joy was still achieved!

The image below was taken in Bhutan. I am quite certain this little girl had very few material possessions at her disposal. As you can see, it didn’t matter to her in this moment – she was having a blast sliding down this narrow stone path on her home-made ‘skateboard’! Sometimes simplicity makes life sweeter. She is a great reminder of this :-).

Thanks for the challenge Amy! It was a tough one for me! Check out Amy’s page for other creative interpretations of the challenge.

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  1. Thank you, Pam for sharing your journey. These are great photos, especially the red wood tree. The last image is very special. I agree, Sometimes simplicity makes life sweeter; a wonderful reminder! 💖

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  2. Love all of these! Sometimes I get that panicky, super-scared feeling, too, and other times I do all kinds of stuff that would scare other people. I guess we all have our triggers!

    Where did the Tulum post go? I was just going to read it and it seems to be gone.

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      1. You are a real person and I love the fact you share your vulnerabilities. I have accidentally hit the publish button myself before sending me into a mini panic. Aah, if troubles were all that minor 😂

        Susan Grace

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  3. You did very well Pam – I loved your humility shining through in your mountaineering story – and good for you for following through despite your fears. I actually DID drive thru that tree with my husband in a rental car. Gimmicky but actually fun! Thanks as always for your support.

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  4. I always love your selection, because you have a unique and very special way of seeing things and taking perspectives on adventures and frights you’ve experienced. It’s very humbling.

    That narrow snow-shoeing path sure IS impressive but makes for a heck of a memory!
    Happy trails!

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  5. I wear a narrow width shoe so the word narrow has special meaning for me. If nothing else sticking with the straight and narrow [or maybe the saying should be the simple and narrow] you keep focused on what matters.

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  6. Great photos Pam, especially like the redwood tree as you look so tiny in front of it. Not sure I’d like that mountain path either really as it looks like an accident waiting to happen.

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  7. You adventurous woman! I am not sure I would have liked that snow path, but I am sure I would have trudged away as the others did – being left there would have been worse! Love your photos and stories as usual. And the solutions to problems that occur are just great. A super post, Pam!

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  8. Your photos are a great take on the challenge, Pam! And I love each story that goes with them. Perseverance and Simplicity and both wonderful are both wonderful qualities to embrace. 🙂

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  9. Excellent. Kids around the world like to play. BTW, that is NOT a snowshoe path I would seek out. A friend’s young adult son hiked to the top of Quandry Peak, a 14er, a few weeks ago. CRAZY!

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  10. I’ve always said it is good to be scared. Typically, I’ve become scared because I pushed myself outside my comfort zone, or put myself out there. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes not so much, but inevitably I learned and grew from the experience. Great post!

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      1. I’ve not jumped out of a plane. I think I’m with you on that one – zero desire. I have bungee jumped a couple of times though. Some might argue there is not much difference I guess.

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