Lens-Artists Challenge #82 – Capital (Cities)

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This weeks Lens-Artist challenge was a hard one for me!! I had to dig pretty deep to find some images in various Capital cities through-out the world (that I haven’t somehow already shared). I plucked a handful out of the archives that I am pretty happy with.

Thank you Viveka at My Guilty Pleasures for the fun challenge! You can take a gander at her page and find links to other awesome participants.

One of my favorite trips of last year was to London. Our first day there, I made Sean do a 10 mile death march in the city. We spent a good chunk of that day in Shoreditch. I say death march only because it was the day we landed and I was trying to kick jet-lag as soon as possible. It was hard plowing through! We were walking down Brick Lane and I happened to see this collage of creativity on this wall. If you look closely, there are all kinds of interesting things here (besides the woman protruding out of the brick!)

The image below was taken in Tokyo 7 or so years ago. I was so enamored with the fashion there. We had just come back from a hiking trip in Bhutan so I felt like a schlep in the middle of what is obviously one of the fashion capitals of the world. I saw this adorable girl with her mish-mash of clothing selections. If I tried to replicate this, I would just look like an A-#1 dork. I thought she was fantastic!

Ah Havana, Cuba…..I love this city. A couple of friends of mine and I wandered around Havana for an entire day on our own photo-shoot – I must have taken 1,000’s of images. The shot below was one of my favorites of the trip. It shows the the perfection of the old cars and the not so perfect living conditions of many in the city.

Prior to our 2 week trek through Patagonia, we spent a couple of days in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There are MANY wonderful parts to this city, but my favorite is Palermo SOHO, which is where this was taken. The colors and the line of the street pulled me in.

In Oslo, Norway, we came across these students taking a public poll about which religion was most helpful. You can see the stats on the bottom right – they were on their 4th day. Super interesting social experiment if you ask me!

Enjoy the weekend!

…i choose this…



  1. Pam, just brilliant … my favourite is the last image – what a strong message you capture there. Oslo one of my favourite cities – so social and so friendly and loads of fresh air from the ocean. The colourful Japanese girl is a great image too. The graffiti street in Buenos Aires … so tidy for being graffiti. Love the colours, a street like that will make anyone feel good. Thank you so much for being my playmate this week.

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  2. Great photos, as always. I’m going to go with fashion statement. I would NEVER have been able to pull this off, but would have just looked like I was wearing home a recent garage sale I had shopped! 🙂

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  3. Terrific choices Pam. I too found your final image really interesting. And your Buenos Aires image is very representative of their “wild” side. We loved La Boca for the same reason. Did you get there??


  4. Great post and fantastic photos! Just look at all the beautiful places you’ve been to! I loved Cuba photo the most, it’s a country unlike any other and you captured it perfectly! Thanks for sharing, Pam, and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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  5. A lovely selection for the Challenge – I wouldn’t have guessed you struggled with it if not for your mention!

    Shoreditch is one of our favourite places in London – our favourite food stalls are there (on Brick Lane & Spitalfield Market) and the street art & atmosphere are quite electric!

    The Japanese sure do style well (and food, and manga, and music, and art …)

    I haven’t been to Havana, Bueno Aires or Oslo – so thank you for the peek. Which reminds me of one of my favourite song finds this past year:

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      1. Mystery solved! I just heard from Aiva at Our Crossings. She had put the post back in her Drafts file in the hopes of adding a little blurb about each of her nominees, but never got around to it. It’s back on her blog for all to see now. Thank goodness – I thought I was losing it! 🙂

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