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So my front tooth is chipped…. every day for 45 years of my life, I have looked at this chipped tooth. About once a month, I think about how said chip came to be. Today was one of those days when this fond memory came to the forefront of my mind.

It’s dumb really. I was a 9 YO visiting my grandparents in Florida. We were at the Publix grocery store and I was bored out of my mind…. for some unknown, disgusting reason, I put my mouth on the shopping cart handle while my grandfather perused the eggs.

When I wasn’t paying attention, probably eying all the “gross”, healthy vegetables in the basket, he pulled the cart towards whatever, possibly the processed meat section…. before I knew it, CHIP. There goes the corner of the front tooth.

It startled me for sure. Not sure I ever told my parents how it happened and have never bothered to get it fixed. I figured it’s always given my smile “character”.

Fast forward 44 years…. Just last November, I was working on a project in Oklahoma City. One of my colleagues, whom I just met, mentioned he was going to Florida for Christmas break. While we were waiting for others to join our tortuous hour-long conference call, I asked him “Where in Florida?”.

Kyle: “Oh, just a small town in central Florida, I’m sure you don’t know it.” (He’s generally right, chances are HIGH you have not spent much time in central Florida)

Me: “Oh really? My family is from central Florida. Which town?”

Kyle: “It’s a town called Lakeland.”

Me: “Next door to Winter Haven?”

Kyle: “Yep, my dad was the general manager of the Publix grocery store in Winter Haven for 50 years.”

Me: “Whaat?!!!”

This puts his dad working (or possibly there) for the grocery store when the tooth incident went down!

I’m not sure WHY I thought this was sooo crazy. But honestly, of ALL the places in the US this kid’s parents could live and work.

I took it as a sign, the tooth is getting fixed.

The chapter on this will soon be closed! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when life throws out these little gems!

….i choose this….


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  1. I can’t even see the chip??? But, good on ya, if it makes you happy. We are kindred spirits on this front, because I, too, have a chipped front tooth! (I feel there should now be some sort of club.) Anyway, I have no idea how mine happened — and hearing your story makes me feel I lost out on something by not knowing — but it occurred within the last 15 years and one day…poof! I noticed it. My dentist always gives me the line about it being “charming,” and I’m fine with it, too. For now. Good luck!

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  2. A long time ago: I was at a party at my ex-girlfriend’s house. I was sitting in front of the stereo, flipping through records (OK a really long time ago) talking with my ex’s roommate who happened to be a dental hygienist. My ex came over and said “No, no, no! You two can’t start dating now!” And the roommate said, “Oh, don’t worry. I could never date someone with a big gap between their front teeth.” I wore that gap with pride for another three decades until my teeth looked like little stumps from rubbing them together 24/7 due to Tourette Syndrome. When they capped them, they covered up most of the gap. Now I look like everyone else. (Long pointless comment)

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      1. Maybe it seems like I’m trying to hijack your blog?? My point is you’ve gone 80% of your life with a chip. In fact that tooth was only not chipped for a few years. Maybe some things are meant to be.

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  3. Hope you fix your tooth!

    oh but btw, how do you find out about these blog challenges? Are there different topics? They seem fun! Maybe I can join next year? (I would be way behind for December already)

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  4. 1. I have never, ever noticed that chipped tooth when you smile!
    2. I was in Lakeland last year at this time for my nephew’s wedding (niece-in-law and her family are from your little town!). Cute place, and J is still talking about some NY-style pizza place just off the main square.
    3. I have so many chipped teeth that I’ve gone beyond “character.” Another cosmetic fix I may need soon – haha!

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  5. Such a magic story!
    And I see it as another common point between your life and mine. My daughter’s front tooth got sunk into her… jaw (?!) while she was running around in a grocery store and pumped into an obstacle. Her baby tooth was pulled out at the hospital and hasn’t been replaced still…

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  6. This was a great story and brought me back in time when I was a 9 year old who chipped her front tooth. I was playing a game at the kitchen table, rocking back and forth on a chair not designed to be a rocking chair, and it slipped and I was flung forward at the edge of the table. It was a number of years (maybe 11 or 12) til I got my tooth fixed and in those days there was no “bonding”. They cut the original down and added a cap. I wish I could have had bonding which is so less invasive and you get to keep your tooth!

    Fast forward 26 years, my daughter also chipped her front tooth playing on some stairs and she got bonding. The bonding isn’t permanent; it has to be redone but again, at least you have your tooth!

    I, too, LOVE LOVE LOVE the synchronicities of life and thank you for sharing this wonderful remarkable story. Yes an affirmation that you’ve come full circle now and it’s time to fix the tooth. 😃

    Susan Grace

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    1. Oh that fall sounds horrendous!! Im glad you didn’t crack your skull. Yeah, the advancements in dentistry have come a long way. I once had a tooth pulled without enough anesthesia. I felt the WHOLE thing – that trauma has followed me around my whole life!! Have a wonderful day Susan Grace!!

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  7. That is wild! Of course, as a Floridian, I do know both these towns and some of the tinier ones around too. My brother-in-law actually lives in Lakeland, but I haven’t spent much time there. When we were dating and first married, my now husband used to skydive in Lake Wales. I had a chipped front tooth with my baby teeth. Fell down some stairs and lost half of it. But I also chipped my adult tooth when I was about 12. My friend and I wet down her trampoline (I know, what were we thinking!) Then we started jumping…I slid and my knee knocked my chin, smacking my teeth together. It was a tiny chip and I did get it repaired as an adult. Synchronicities are awesome things. Good luck with the tooth repair. 🙂

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    1. My whole family is from this part of Florida! My grand dad had a farm in the area back in the day. Who knew there was cool stuff like skydiving in Lake Wales??? I can see your little 12 YO knee bumping your tooth!! Poor baby!! Trampolines are death traps I swear…my BFF in 5th grade bounced me so high, I lost control coming down and landed in the metal railing by one arm and a leg. Somehow I didn’t break anything. synchronicities are amazing!!

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