Lens-Artists Challenge #71 –Creepy

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Do I have anything creepy to offer? At first I thought this weeks photo challenge from Ann-Christine over at Leya was going to pass me by. However, after digging through the archives, I came across the images below.

Several years ago, I was out shooting fall color on the way to Aspen near the top of Independence Pass. Beautiful Aspen trees with gold, fluttering leaves were ALL over the place. I parked my car and started to walk down the road a bit for a better view of a fairly large grove.

Instead of majestic beauty, I found the Valley of the Dolls! Hundreds of dolls impaled to trees.

Is it art or a way to keep people off your property? You decide.

We are the dead and we’re coming for you.” — Murderdolls, “Dawn Of The Dead”


  1. You sure did have some ohitos for this theme – oh my gosh are the dolls creepY
    And side note
    My first time living in Denver was August 2003 and numerous folks kept telling me about how I need to see the aspens in fall! And when you mentioned that – you brought me back…

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  2. Oh my…I would have freaked out completely – walking out for shooting the beauty of Autumn, and ending up in the middle of creepiness incarnate…I don’t think I would have handled getting a shot of it! Run – would be my first thought. It seems the scientists were right – dolls are among the scariest things ever. A top notch entry, Pam!

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    1. Did u watch the twilight zone? There’s an old doll episode that scared the crap out of me. Dolls are right up there with clowns. Ugh. When I was 10, I had these dolls on my window sill. Every night I would turn them around so they wouldn’t look at me while I was sleeping. I woke up one day with all of them facing me. I’m pretty sure it was my evil sister, but I was scarred for life.

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  3. omg. omg. omg. This made my skin crawl even from the safety and security of my own home! I would definitely have been creeped out and looking over my shoulder, jumping at every little noise, all the way back to my car!!!


  4. Dolls and clowns, cannot stand them! Very creepy…I saw a documentary on a small island somewhere in Mexico where the owner lived with a caretaker and fell into a lagoon and drowned and the caretaker filled the island with dolls, all over, trees, on the ground, in the water, everywhere…it was also filled with snakes, spiders and scorpions, so it had it all as far as creepiness…but you’ve posted great pics and a great post! Take good care, stay away from there, especially on moonless nights and all the best!

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  5. That is a super CREEPY find, Pam! I once saw the upper portion of a doll body placed on a shrub along the Greenway. And recently a photographer friend found one on a tree in the woods a few cities from here. It must be a thing. A creepy thing though. lol.

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