Lens-Artists Challenge #70 – Monochrome

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For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #70, Patti from PilotFish invited us to explore the world of monochrome– which includes black and white and sepia, as well as different shades of one color.

Patti also allows us, for an extra challenge, to try using a selective color – which, is perfect. I have a FUJI camera that enables the ability to focus on one color while the rest of the image is black and white (see the blue bicycles below).

The London Eye was edited with a Sepia filter. It added a certain retro effect that made the entire image more interesting to me.

I actually love the monochrome effect. There is a filter on the iPhone that allows you to shoot in monochrome. The images of the winter scene and cacti were shot in that mode. Is it just me or do the cacti look like they are flipping someone (or something off??) lol.

Enjoy! See other creatives on Patti’s page!


  1. Hi, Pam. You have great examples here of the power of monochrome. I especially love your first 2 shots. The last one made me smile! A great idea. I didn’t really you could add the color effect in camera!! I’ll check that out. Glad you joined us!

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    1. Well thanks! I should send it to the city of Denver and give em rights to it. I sent a photo into Subaru years ago and they accepted it! Though I never saw it used in marketing materials. Boo. But, it was kind of a fun thought that it might be!

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  2. Good stuff! What I like about the London Eye with the people in it is the way it freezes a moment in lives. You wouldn’t get that sense in color.
    10th Mountain hut is a wonderful composition.
    Anyone can take a picture but it takes talent to be able to capture moods.

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  3. Oh the two first pictures are my favorites!!! There’s so much to look at on the London Eye photo… And the atmosphere of the hut pic is very peculiar. Well done girl!
    What was your European trip like? You seem to have done a lot!!

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    1. Thanks! We had a blast! London, Paris and Munich. The only thing I did a real post on was Munich! London and Paris are being woven into other posts like the Banksy one…and I have a flowers post coming up in a week or so. Thank goodness for the scheduling function.

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