Favorite Place: Kathmandu, Nepal

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This image is from an old post about favorite places – I am resurrecting it for the new blog!

After we finished hiking up to the first Everest Base Camp, we spent a few days in this awesome city.  Peace and quiet are things we all strive for, but bustling cities are pretty cool too, this one in particular.

The 2 days we had to explore Thamel, were some of the best days of the trip!  The people were interesting, the infrastructure was insane, and we laughed and laughed until we cried on our last night there.  Great memories for sure!

The image below illustrates the frenetic energy of the place – an image that never escapes my memory!  I ❤️ Nepal!!


    1. I love that u love it so much too. We experienced those outages in the winter. If I remember correctly they are powered by water, I think it gets tough to sustain in the winter. We had a couple of blackouts in two days, plus scheduled shower hours. It was so cool. 😎

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  1. What a feast for the eyes! I’ve never been to Nepal, but the appearance, people, and energy that you descirbe in Thamel remind me of how much I enjoyed Panahachel, Guatemala. My friend/travel companion preferred the more refined & European Antigua (which I loved too), but Panahachell was just so much more real – infancy, unfussy, and not too spiffed up for the foreign tourists.

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      1. Guatemala was beautiful, and I highly recommend a visit! I haven’t posted about my trip yet (4 years ago), but will at some point. My hard drive crashed shortly after that trip and although my tech-y husband was able to retrieve the images, they are unnamed files randomly ordered and I still have thousands to go through – picture by picture by picture. It’s a project I’ve been too lazy to pick back up, but need to.

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          1. You are so welcome! Panajachel is a good home base for boat rides to the smaller villages on Lake Aititlan. Antigua is a must-see, and Tikal ruins as well. We crammed it all into 6 days, and that included a 2-day trade show. I’d love to get back one day and explore the country at a more leisurely pace 🙂


  2. Have we discussed Kathmandu? I hated it on first sight and then totally fell in love. Oh, and Guatemala is on my list too – easy flight from Houston! I’ve actually thought of going to Antigua for a weekend!

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