Just a Little Monet Exhibit in Denver, Colorado

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“The richness I achieve comes from NATURE, the source of my INSPIRATION”

~Claude Monet~

When I first moved to Denver 20 (ish) years ago now – I thought it was sort of a hick town. We had chain restaurants galore and only 2 decent bars. We all dressed in fleece because the flagship REI was the best store in town. The only draw to the state back then was being close to the mountains.

My, have things changed. We now have great restaurants and breweries, and the shopping has improved – I proudly now only own 2 fleece tops. This is true progress. Sadly, traffic to the mountains has increased 10-fold – I suppose there is a pro and con for everything.

Another indicator Denver ‘has arrived” is that the Denver Art Museum landed the most comprehensive U.S. exhibition of Monet paintings in over 20 years. About as long as I’ve lived in Denver. I can promise you, it wouldn’t have been an option for the city back then.

In college during the 80’s, I am pretty sure 75% of us had a Monet print hanging somewhere. I feel like at least one of the Water Lilies series was in nearly every dorm room. Something like this bridge in Monet’s garden in Giverny below.

Just wow.

Monet is my kind of human – a lover of art, travel and nature – 3 of my favorite things. If he loved music, he’d be pretty close to perfection. I wonder what he was like in person? I bet he did love music.

The exhibit, Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature includes roughly 120 paintings throughout his career and focuses on his love of nature – landscapes, boats, trees, and water. For years, I didn’t know he painted anything other than water lilies.

I spent a good two hours at the museum, soaked in all of the greatness, and took a bunch of photos to share with those who weren’t able to make it. The whole experience was very moving for me.

Here are some of my favorites! In some cases it’s the entire piece, others highlight some of his classic brush strokes that I thought were extraordinary. Hope you enjoy seeing this through my eyes. Cheers!

Thank god for art 🙂

…..i choose this…



  1. “Just a little Monet”! Love it, any amount of Monet is okay in my book. I love him too and had the bridge and water lilies framed print in my family room for many years. His eye for the luminous glow of nature is unprecedented. Van Gogh is up there too.

    I know I’ve seen Monet’s paintings here and there in San Francisco through the years but not sure if it matched the exhibit in Denver. Maybe not since it seems that your city scored a coup.

    Thanks for sharing your photos and love of Monet.

    Susan Grace

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  2. That’s a lovely exhibit. I like Monet’s art, his style and color schemes appeal to my eye. I suspect he could have painted anything and I’d ooh and aah over it. How nice that you got to see this exhibit.

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  3. We did some cycle touring in France way back in 2005. We rode to Giverny to visit Monet’s house and as we rode through the countryside there would be displays of his artwork on the side of the road mirroring the actual scene he painted. It was great to pull up and read about the painting, admire the painting and then the view. It was the same for where Van Gogh spent his final years. Very clever. Thanks for sharing . Mel

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  4. Isn’t his work just one of a kind? I’m glad you had a chance to see it in person. I love visiting exibits whenever we travel around, it’s such a great way to feed my soul and find inspiration. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. He is so fantastic Aiva – I can see you really loving this exhibit. It does feed inspiration and the soul – great way to describe the feeling. I am unfortunately not an artist, but I have gotten into “adult” coloring so I went and bought some new colored pencils and coloring books as a result. I may do a post on it, because I find it extremely therapeutic. 🙂

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  5. You cracked me up with the reminder that Monet’s prints were all over our college dorm walls. Matisse, too. We probably felt very sophisticated with all our French art!

    I also remember Denver in the 80s, with its small-city feel. My brother moved out there back then, and we all visited as often as possible; it was so different from the east coast where we’d grown up and gone to college. I love seeing it now (and how it’s changed) through my son’s eyes; he’s been there 9 years now!

    Last but not least, I will always associate a big Monet show with my daughter, whom I took out of school one day to go to the Art Institute in Chicago with me to see his huge exhibit there. I have such sweet memories of her standing and raptly viewing all the paintings!

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    1. haha – I think I had a Matisse I bought at the Met in NYC – it hung in my kitchen for years. Denver has come a long way – lots of fun stuff to do – we just can’t get to the mountains in a reasonable time anymore. Which totally sucks. Good news is, we have been exploring a ton around Boulder and finding some good stuff. Awww, you are a great momma – what a nice introduction for your baby girl. I had the game Masterpiece that taught me about all the greats – I wonder if they sell this anymore?

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  6. Amen to that!
    A balm for the soul – especially given all that is going on around us all.

    It’s funny that you should mention the REI homestore – although I lived in Texas for 6 years (and both my siblings still live in Arizona & Maine) my Loving Husband has never been to the US. And if there were a single reason for him to make the trip, it would be to the REI Homestore!

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  7. I’m not a huge art lover… depends on the art, I suppose. (For example, d’Orsay trumps Louvre in my book.) But those Monets are very pretty.

    You are so lucky to have lived in CO for so long, by the way.

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    1. I agree with your comment on the d’Orsay! Even the Mona Lisa was not as outstanding as I thought it would be. Yeah, I do feel super lucky. Have had some pretty awesome experiences here 💕


  8. Clearly the people you knew in college were much more sophisticated than those I knew. The extent of the fine art I remember would have been that poster of a cat with the caption ‘hang in there’.

    Art was never on my radar … until about a year and a half ago when I decided to pick up a paint brush. Now I look at the Masters with true awe.
    Just a few years ago I would have passed on an opportunity to see such an outstanding exhibit of Monet paintings. Each of these pieces is absolutely magnificent!!

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    1. Haha Joanne. We just thought we were sophisticated! In reality we were just looking for the next beer and beef jerky stick. I love art, definitely not an artist myself, but appreciate all forms of it. Part of me wants to go to a wine and painting class, but not sure I would survive the humiliation of the end product. 😂😂


      1. A wine-and-paint class is how I got started. I was completely smitten by the idea of ‘wild abandon’ with brush and paint 😉

        I’m currently taking 2 art classes and loving the creative process. Who knew that a Type A, left-brain dominant person like me would find ‘zen’ in painting!

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  9. Monet IS a very impressive painter. Next time you come to France, do so in spring: I’ll take you to Giverny (it’s a mere 7 kms away from my parents’ house in Normandy 😉 I’m a huuuuuge fan of his house and garden, they are absolutely lovely.

    I love how you shared some of your favorites strokes and paintings here.
    Glad you enjoyed the exhibit.

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